Proove Biosciences Launches CME Accredited Program with Medscape

Posted: March 4, 2015 at 9:41 pm

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) March 04, 2015

Proove Biosciences, a commercial and research leader in Personalized Medicine, is excited to announce the launch of their CME-accredited course entitled Incorporating Genetic Testing to Optimize the Management of Pain.

The continuing medical education program will be available at for the next year. The focus of the program is to teach medical professionals how to recognize inadequate pain treatments, integrate appropriate pain management techniques, and incorporate genetic testing into the management plan for treating pain (with a focus on the use and understanding of pharmacogenetics for individual patients).

It is estimated that 116 million American adults suffer from chronic pain, more than those affected by heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined. Yet despite its prevalence, chronic pain is often under-recognized and under-treated.

"Pain management involves a series of critical considerations to be made by treatment providers: the accurate assessment and diagnosis of pain, the assignment of an appropriate treatment plan, the screening of patients for contraindications, and optimization of the selection, dosage, and frequency of medications. These evaluations are difficult to make accurately due to the large variability and subjectivity innate in such assessments. However, emerging data demonstrates the importance of pharmacogenetics in tailoring clinical decisions and targeting treatment plans towards individual variability, states Svetlana Kantorovich, Ph.D., Director of Clinical & Scientific Affairs at Proove Biosciences. "Despite the fact that pain and addiction have known genetic components, genetic testing is not part of the standard of care."

Proove Biosciences proprietary genetic testing can provide physicians with information to objectively identify responders versus non-responders to specific medications, improve medication efficacy, and avoid adverse drug events. Importantly, the objective screening of patients at risk for opioid abuse and misuse is of paramount importance due to skyrocketing healthcare costs and emergency department visits resulting from nonmedical use of prescription opioids.

About Proove Biosciences Our Mission is to Change the Future of Medicine. Proove is the proof to improve healthcare decisions. We seek to realize a future when clinicians look back and wonder how they couldve ever prescribed medications without knowing how a patient would respond. With offices in Southern California and the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, the Company is the research leader investigating and publishing data on the genetics of personalized pain medicine with clinical research sites across the United States. Physicians use Proove Biosciences testing to improve outcomes both safety and efficacy of medical treatment. From a simple cheek swab collected in the office, Proove performs proprietary genetic tests in its CLIA-certified laboratory to identify patients at risk for misuse of prescription pain medications and evaluate their metabolism of medications. For more information, please visit or call toll free 855-PROOVE-BIO (855-776-6832).

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Proove Biosciences Launches CME Accredited Program with Medscape

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