Otago University student wants a copy of his genetic coding

Posted: July 19, 2012 at 5:11 pm

An Otago University genetics student wants to have his genetic coding mapped and put onto a disk.

Steve Anderson approached genetics service New Zealand Genomics, in the hope of being able to study his DNA and genes as he ages.

Mr Anderson is a student in his 50s at Otago University, and has asked New Zealand Genomics to map his DNA for him.

He says there are over four and a half thousand genetic disorders.

"I'm sure most people in the future may be five- 10 years down the track will have their genome sequenced. it will be part of their medical records and then they'll be able to follow through with any disorders or various things that they find."

But he says there are numerous ethical and privacy issues which surround this - for example family members will have similar coding, which could reveal certain genetic disorders.

"Also I think there's issues with insurance companies and various things like this. If you have a problem coming up in the future and you yourself have been able to work that out then what's the chances of insurance and can they discriminate against you?"

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Otago University student wants a copy of his genetic coding

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