Mutated gene causes 70% cancer risk

Posted: February 13, 2015 at 9:42 am

Health officials hit back at e-cig claims

Health professionals say more research is needed to prove using e-cigarettes is a good way to quit smoking.

According to new health figures, Australian women are far less likely to survive a heart attack than men.

Research says high factor sunscreen can't be relied on to protect against the deadliest skin cancer form.

A British study using skin electrodes has found men experience greater levels of emotion than women.

High protein diets may protect against stroke, especially if they contain a lot of fish, scientists say.

Driving too much is bad for your health, according to a study of 40-thousand middle-aged Australians.

Researchers say the financial crisis may have led to thousands of suicides in Europe and North America.

Biologists have devised a new weapon against malaria by genetically engineering mosquitoes.

Stomach-shrinking bariatric surgery beats other forms of treatment in bringing about remission of diabetes.

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Mutated gene causes 70% cancer risk

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