Goodie Mob – Cell Therapy ( Killuminati Music ) – Video

Posted: November 1, 2011 at 6:45 pm

Goodie Mob - Cell Therapy ( Killuminati Music ) Goodie Mob, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is widely considered one of the founding hip hop acts of the Dirty South movement. Members Cee-Lo (Thomas Callaway), Khujo Goodie (Willie Knighton, Jr.), T-Mo Goodie (Robert Barnett), and Big Gipp (Cameron Gipp) make up the group, which has been functioning since 1995.Music Video Real Hip Hop Killuminati Music Illuminati New World Order NWO Song Rap Lyrics: When the scene unfolds Young girls thirteen years old Expose themselves to any Tom, Dick, and Hank Got mo' stretch marks than these hoes Hollin they got rank See Sega aint in this new world order Dem experimenting in Atlanta, Georgia United Nations, overseas they trained assassins to do search and seize Aint knocking or asking Dem coming for niggas like me Po' white trash, like they Tricks like her back in slavery Concentration camps lace with gas pipes lines Inferno's outdoors like they had back When Adolf Hitler was living in 1945 Listen to me now, believe me Later on in the future look it up Where they say it

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Goodie Mob - Cell Therapy ( Killuminati Music ) - Video

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