Genetic Chile Clip 4 – Video

Posted: July 1, 2012 at 12:10 pm

29-06-2012 19:46 Clip 4. GENETIC CHILE "Benefitting the Farmer" and "Feeding the Hungry" are two false statements about GMOs. *** GENETIC CHILE, An eye-opening look at the world of genetically modified foods through the lens of New Mexico's iconic chile pepper. The chile pepper defines New Mexican cuisine and is considered a sacred plant by many cultures. Despite overwhelming evidence of gene flow, persistent safety questions, predatory multinational agribusiness corporations and potential economic damage, the State of New Mexico funded research to produce a GMO chile, which is the first time a US state has done so. Because the funding is public, filmmaker Chris Dudley, was able to force a rare interview with a genetic researcher at NMSU. This film is packed with information about the harmful use of GMO technology and the ignorance shown by the proponents of GMO crops. Documentary, by Chris Dudley. In English | 60 minutes. |

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Genetic Chile Clip 4 - Video

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