Gene therapy for range of illnesses

Posted: July 23, 2012 at 8:10 am

Disna Mudalige

Cutting edge medical technology known as gene therapy has been developed by Indian doctor Sunita Rana Agarwal along with her husband Punkaj Sondhi with positive results, to control all kinds of, eye related illnesses, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, trauma, congenital errors and HIV AIDS.

Gene therapy works as an anti- aging, regenerative and rejuvenating treatment which leads to a healthier life.

Dr Agrawal on a brief visit to Sri Lanka told the Daily News the technology was developed following extensive research for around 20 years and it had been tested on about 12,000 patients during the past eight years.

A drop of blood is taken from the patient through a needle and customised with the DNA activator, which is the proprietary formula, that in turn makes a young and healthy DNA which is customised to that particular patient.

It is a course of 10 injections through 10 days which is much affordable compared to conventional therapies, Dr Agarwal said explaining how the gene therapy is applied.

She said this is a simple technology for which the patient does not have to be hospitalised and that it does not have any side effects. Dr Agarwal said gene therapy is a molecular based therapy.

She said they are at present dealing with pharmaceutical companies to take this product, which would basically work as a panacea, to the next level.

Dr Agarwal provided her voluntary service in the North and East during the late 1980s as an eye surgeon. She said the people in that region at that time had not seen an eye doctor for decades since nobody was willing to work under those risky conditions.

Dr Agarwal also commended the tremendous change in Sri Lanka at present compared to her previous visit, adding there is a remarkable improvement in every sphere.

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Gene therapy for range of illnesses

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