'Gene Therapy Cardiovascular Insight: Pipeline Assessment, Market Trend, Technology and Competitive Landscape'

Posted: February 25, 2015 at 12:40 pm

Albany, NewYork (PRWEB) February 25, 2015

Researchmoz.us announces the latest addition to its growing database of analytical market research reports. The new report, titled Gene Therapy Cardiovascular Insight: Pipeline Assessment, Market Trend, Technology and Competitive Landscape, looks into the value chain of gene therapy and its association with cardiovascular treatments.

The report goes over the fundamentals of gene therapy in brief, explaining its biological mechanism and providing some historic background to better understand the growing influence of gene therapy in the healthcare sector and more particularly in the application of cardiovascular gene therapy. It also covers some of the jargon of the gene therapy sector for better comprehension of the detailed discussion of pipeline products.

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The report goes on to describe the determinant conditions in the cardiovascular gene therapy market, including the competitive landscape of the market and a detailed examination of the potential impact of market drivers and restraining factors. It describes the major products currently dominating the cardiovascular gene therapy market as well as the most potentially influential products and therapies in the pipeline. The analysis of the major pipeline products includes an evaluation of the competitive landscape concerning the products in questionthe market players developing them and the impact they could have on the markets competitive hierarchy.

The report elaborates upon the product description and technological background of the cardiovascular gene therapy in question, as well as the corporate aspect of it such as development partners and licensors and collaborators, and the stage of development which the product currently occupies.

The publication also includes a detailed overview of the pre-clinical and clinical outcomes of gene therapies and various biochemical aspects of the therapy such as the vector used in the procedure, the gene targeted by the therapy and localization, and an in-depth explanation of the mechanism by which the therapy operates. The report also covers dormant and discontinued products, which helps gain an understanding of what the market isnt ready for, or wasnt ready for at the time of the discontinuation. The pipeline cardiovascular gene therapies covered in the report include Gendicine, Rexin G, and Glybera.

Through the detailed analysis of all aspects related to the cardiovascular gene therapy market, the report provides in-depth insights on which to base winning market strategies.

In all, the report covers more than 25 cardiovascular gene therapy products from more than 20 manufacturers. The companies use 8 distinct technological support systems that have their own set of strengths and weaknesses, which are profiled in the report. As far as vectors are concerned, 50% of the total vectors studies are non-viral vectors, 46% are viral vectors, while a minuscule 4% are RNAi therapeutics.

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'Gene Therapy Cardiovascular Insight: Pipeline Assessment, Market Trend, Technology and Competitive Landscape'

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