Florida Panther Receives Cutting Edge Stem Cell Procedure from MediVet Biologics

Posted: February 5, 2015 at 5:45 am

Nicholasville, KY (PRWEB) February 04, 2015

Rescued when he was only 4 weeks old, Nakiia, a 15-year-old Panther, has been living in severe pain after a jumping incident. Jan Hall, Nakiias owner has dedicated her life to rescuing animals. Nakiia, the namesake of her rescue foundation The Nakiia Foundation is the love of her life. Witnessing this fabulous animal in such pain was too much for Jan to bear. The Doctors treating Nakiia decided to undertake a revolutionary medical procedure, which centers on regenerative medicine.

Newman Veterinary Center in DeLand Florida performed MediVets Adipose (fat)-derived stem cell therapy. The male Florida panther underwent this procedure, more commonly performed on domestic animal such as dogs, cats and horses. The procedure is an effort to ease the pain from severe arthritis in his joints. This was a last stage effort for the panther that can no longer continue to live in such pain.

Though stem cell treatments have been performed in exotic animals before, it is still a rare and exciting undertaking. Utilizing MediVet Biologics procedure, Dr. Ted Oliver was able to ensure the process will produce the best possible results. MediVets procedure is completed in one day and in-clinic.

Stem Cell treatments in the past have often been controversial when embryonic cells where involved, with adipose or fat tissue Nakiias own adult stem cells could be easily concentrated and activated with minimal risk. Until recently Veterinarians only had the option of utilizing outside labs for processing of autologous cells, with the one step surgical treatment available from MediVet Biologics, Veterinarians all around the country can eliminate the costs and variability in shipping by utilizing an onsite simple procedure.

During the procedure, Dr. Oliver removed about four tablespoons of belly fat from the panther. The fat was then processed in-clinic by a trained technician. The cells are incubated, isolated and activated by a patented process. Dr. Oliver carefully re-administered the cells directly back into Nakiia. Nakiias excess cells will be stored for future use eliminating the need to surgically re-harvest additional tissue.

MediVets primary mission and goal is to help all animals live a pain free life. In regenerative medicine and biologic intervention age is not a disease rather a challenge that presents us many opportunities to develop cutting edge treatments to combat issues related to the aging process. Our partnerships with progressive Veterinarians such as Newman Veterinary Centers allow us to extend affordable cutting edge treatments to animals who otherwise potentially have limited treatments available. We look forward to following Nakiias progress." - Jeremy Delk, CEO of MediVet Biologics.

Newman Veterinary Center was honored to be a part of Nakiias stem cell procedure. The excitement that this 146-lb. cat brought to our clinic was unparalleled. We have very high hopes that Nakiia will be feeling much better very soon. - Erica Kent Director of Operations at Newman Veterinary Centers.

Nakiias story will air on Wednesday, February 4th on CBS WKMG (local 6) with Mike Holfeld, Investigative Reporter.

About MediVet Biologics MediVet Biologics is the Worlds leading provider of Veterinary regenerative medicine. The central Kentucky based company was founded in 2009 and quickly gained favor in the Veterinary industry with the advent of in-clinic adipose derived stem cell and platelet rich plasma treatments. Since gaining wide appeal in the small and large veterinary market MediVet Biologics has developed a strong biologic pipeline that includes, among other cutting edge treatment options, patient specific immunotherapy services.

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Florida Panther Receives Cutting Edge Stem Cell Procedure from MediVet Biologics

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