[CM] Regrets of the Past (Gene Starwind) – Video

Posted: March 30, 2012 at 1:13 am

28-03-2012 18:37 Plot: Dream Sequence: Melfina had been kidnapped. Taken by Hazanko, a mystic cult leader, bound and determined to use her powers to forward his own ambitions. But, before he can do anymore to her, Gene arrives to her rescue. Gene tries to finish him off quickly with one shot from his caster, but Caster Shell #4 proves insufficient in dealing with Hazanko. Melfina tries to get him to flee, fearing for her friend's life. But Gene remains determined to save her. With one final shot, Gene fires Caster Shell #13 at Hazanko, who responds with a magic attack of his own, resulting in an explosion that ends up killing Hazanko, but also mortally wounds Gene. Before blacking out, he sees Melfina's distraught face, pleading with him to not die... Jim is cooking "Breakfast" for Gene before he goes off to perform in his show. Gene, still hung over from one of his many nights of frivolity, groggily gets ready. Jim notes that Gene was rather restless during his sleep, and mentions that bad dreams can sometimes be caused by feelings of regret. He doesn't say it out loud, but he knows what's bothering Gene. All the better, as far as Jim was concerned. He hadn't yet fully forgiven Gene over what he had done. After his show was over, Gene spends some time alone, thinking back to Melfina. His thoughts are accompanied by a song Melfina used to sing, to help lift Gene and Jim's spirits. She had come to them, seeking protection from Hazanko. She was a healer, an exceptionally talented one, and ...

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[CM] Regrets of the Past (Gene Starwind) - Video

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