Biotech's next buzz: Gene therapy?

Posted: March 31, 2015 at 3:40 pm

Imagine if instead of using drugs or surgery, a doctor could simply insert a gene into a patient's cell to treat or prevent disease.

Gene therapy is endeavoring to do just that and could emerge in the coming years as a viable alternative for treatment. Certain conditions that previously couldn't be treated, such as forms of blindness, types of cancer or more rare conditions like sickle cell disease are now being researched with this alternative treatment.

Phil Nadeau, biotechnology analyst with Cowen and Company, predicts there will be several gene therapy products approved by the F.D.A. within the next few years. He told CNBC recently he sees more than $1 billion in gene therapy sales worldwide, which ultimately means significant investments in gene therapy in the near future.

"In the past, most major companies stayed away from having gene therapy programs. In the future, we think, it's going to be a standard treatment," he said.

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Biotech's next buzz: Gene therapy?

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