Automotive Reference

Posted: January 4, 2015 at 8:41 am

Automotive engineering is a branch of engineering that studies how to design, create and develop the means of land transportation are using the machine, especially motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks. Automotive engineering combines elements of knowledge of mechanics, electricity, electronics, safety and the environment as well as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and management.The branches of the automotive engineering include:Planning (product or design)Development (development)Production (manufacturing)Maintenance (maintenance)In Indonesia currently highly developed branch is generally about care and maintenance of cars and motorcycles.In automotive engineering, control systems existing land transport equipment is a must. The system comprises several main systems and dozens of subsystems. The system can be grouped:Engine (engine)Combustion engine (internal combustion engine).The fuel system (fuel system).Fuel tank.Fuel pump.Carburetor or fuel injection system.Ignition system (ignition system).Air intake system in the combustion chamber (intake system).Combustion products exhaust system (exhaust system).Cooling system (cooling system).Lubrication system (lubricating system).Wheel balance system (spooring balancing)Move power (power train).Transmission system (transmission system).Driving circuit (drive train).Transfer case (for 4-wheel drive)The driving end (final drive)Wheel (wheel)The steering system (steering system).The suspension system (suspension system).The brake system (brake system).Bodi.The electrical system (electrical system).The main fields of technologyfieldBuilding and ConstructionCity and Regional Planning Techniques Acoustic Engineering Mechanical Engineering Safety Engineering architecture building maintenance engineering construction fire protection engineering Civil engineering Sanitation Engineering Technology household structurebiomedicalBiomechatronics Bioinformatics Biotechnology Pharmacology Nanomedicine Science Health Sciences Informatics nerve chemical Medical Research Biomedical Engineering Biological Engineering Genetic Engineering Medical Technology Network Engineering Technology Reproductive Technology nerveenergyRenewable Energy Storage Petroleum Engineering Nuclear Engineering Energy Nuclear TechnologyindustryGas industrial biotechnology industry Metallurgy Research Management Manufacturing techniques and the development of flexible manufacturing systems Biochemical engineering Biosystems engineering Financial engineering industry Mechanical Engineering Manufacturing Engineering Enterprise engineering Mining Engineering Engineering process automationInformation and CommunicationArtificial intelligence Computer Science Mechanical Engineering radio frequency and computer engineering computer network ontology Mechanical Engineering Software Engineering broadcasting telecommunication Engineering Engineering Technology website computing technology information technology communication technology visual music Graphic TechnologyenvironmentGreen building design of ecologically sustainable design Renewable energy Science Engineering Environmental engineering environment landscape clean coal technology clean technology Green nanotechnologymilitaryElectronic warfare military communications military engineering stealth Technology EngineerseducationDigital Technology educational software in educational ICT in education Impact of technology in the education system of multimedia learning Virtual Campus Virtual EducationagricultureAquaculture fishery Sciences Chemistry Environmental food and agricultural buildings Nutrition Food Microbiology Food Engineering Agricultural Engineering Technology Food Technology freezing foodtransportationAerospace engineering Traffic Engineering Mechanical Engineering Automotive Engineering shipping space transportation technologyOther applied sciencesContent rating: Medium Maturity

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Automotive Reference

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