Author Jeanne Ryan discusses Charisma and gene therapy

Posted: March 6, 2015 at 7:55 pm

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Author Jeanne Ryan talks with Hypable about her book Charisma and whether or not she would take her fictional drug if given the chance.

Charisma follows the story of Aislyn, a painfully shy junior in high school who suffers from social anxiety. Speaking up in class and trying to have fun with her friends at a party are well outside her comfort zone. She finds out about a new underground gene therapy treatment in the form of a drug called Charisma. Aislyns personality completely changes, and suddenly shes exactly the person she wanted to be all along.

But theres one problem. The therapy appears to be contagious and deadly. Worse yet, the doctor who gave her and a select number of other patients the drug suddenly disappears. Read our review.

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Author Jeanne Ryan discusses Charisma and gene therapy

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