Audacious start for La Jolla's Calibr

Posted: March 2, 2015 at 2:48 am

Noted chemist and biotech entrepreneur Peter G. Schultz, He spoke Wednesday, Feb. 25, at a conference held by the life science trade group Biocom.

In a rare appearance before the public, Peter G. Schultz showcased the drug research and preclinical activities at Calibr, the nonprofit biomedical research organization he directs.

Among the projects now under way:

-- A novel twist on the CAR T cell cancer therapy, using "blank" T cells that can be flexibly programmed by drugs given in vivo

-- A two-in-one multiple sclerosis therapy aimed at both controlling the disease's abnormal immune response and repairing damaged nerves

-- Treating spinal muscular atrophy with a Calibr-discovered compound that increases gene expression of the needed protein

Schultz, a prominent faculty member of the Scripps Research Institute known for his role in founding San Diego area biotechs, discussed what he was up to Wednesday at a life science conference held by Biocom, the San Diego-based life science trade group.

Calibr, the California Institute for Biomedical Research, was founded in 2012 with up to $90 million from Merck. The drug giant gets an option to exclusively license small molecule or antibody therapeutics from Calibr; the institute gets a financial base as it expands. It's located in Torrey Pines Mesa next to Synthetic Genomics.

Calibr is located at 11119 N Torrey Pines Rd #100, La Jolla, 92037 / Google Maps

The institution seeks a new way for drug discovery at non-for-profit research institutions, Schultz said at the luncheon presentation.

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Audacious start for La Jolla's Calibr

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