Alzheimer's Research Uncovers New Gene Mutation

Posted: July 13, 2012 at 6:14 am

July 12, 2012

By Christy Lewis

MEDFORD, Ore. -- After years of fighting Alzheimer's disease, researchers spotted a gene that could change the future of Alzheimer's treatment.

Here are the basics of it all: researchers found a rare gene mutation that protects and stops the build up of a protein called beta amyloid. The production of the amyloids has been a possible cause for the disease, but this new discovery confirms that idea.

Not only does this discovery demonstrate a way to slow the symptoms of Alzheimer's, but it also verifies everything researchers have been working on. It means they're moving in the right direction toward better Alzheimer's treatment.

The gene could potentially lead to successfully preventing the disease or slowing down the production of the amyloid proteins. But the discovery doesn't provide help for those who already suffer from the disease right now.

Researchers say it could be years before anyone reaps the benefits of this discovery, but it certainly provides a positive outlook down the road for folks who'll likely get the disease.

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Alzheimer's Research Uncovers New Gene Mutation

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