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Posted: June 23, 2020 at 12:53 am

For years, I consistently urged investors to focus the bulk of their portfolios on what I term megatrends. While making a quick buck on momentum plays is great, your highest probabilities of success rest on long-term developments in technology and innovation. And few hit all the right buttons like Crispr Therapeutics (NASDAQ:CRSP). Levered to the groundbreaking gene-editing industry, CRSP stock deserves extra attention for anyone interested in phenomenal gains.

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Its amazing to think how far technology has come. What was once the exclusive realm of science fiction, we are now closer than ever to a fully automated society. From driverless vehicles to automated customer service platforms to smart city infrastructures, investing in innovation has never been more relevant.

At the same time, medical innovations have somewhat lagged the profound changes were seeing everywhere else. Try as we might, we havent had many breakthroughs regarding the human condition. Primarily, our practically available medical solutions involve mitigating symptoms, not addressing root causes. Crispr Therapeutics hopes to disrupt this paradigm entirely, thereby imbuing CRSP stock with its potential.

Underlining the biotechnology firms awe-striking platform is CRISPR, which is a specialized stretch of DNA. Associated with CRISPR is a protein called Cas9, which essentially acts as a pair of molecular scissors. This function enables the gene-editing process, which from a broad summary view involves cutting problematic gene sequences and correcting them.

One of the most important components of the CRISPR-Cas9 technology is that scientists adapted it from a naturally occurring genome editing system in bacteria. Thus, were not necessarily talking about playing God. Instead, were utilizing breakthroughs in biotechnology to transfer natural processes to aid humanity.

I couldnt think of a better argument for CRSP stock. But here are three more for your consideration.

In the biotech space, the biggest prize is the cure for cancer. By the end of this year, experts predict that 1.8 million Americans will be diagnosed with the disease. Tragically, over 600,000 will succumb to cancer. Thus, its imperative that we marshal all available resources to fight this scourge.

Unfortunately, the mechanisms by which we treat the disease is rather antiquated. Years from now, I can imagine that people will look back and consider our tactics barbaric. Rather than attacking the cancer cells themselves, we address symptoms, mainly through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

In other words, cut em, drug em and fry em. That might work if were in the fake meat processing business. But to treat our loved ones, it seems crude and anachronistic.

And this is why Im very excited about the potential of CRSP stock. To be clear, Im not suggesting that Crispr is on the cusp of a cancer breakthrough. However, with their innovative approach modifying a patients immune cells to efficiently attack cancer cells the possibilities are simply astonishing.

Currently, the major knock against this platform is its extreme cost, which brings up ethical concerns. However, through industry partnerships and synergies, its likely that over time, these costs will come down, making them a more affordable choice for patients.

One of the worst pieces of bad news you can get from the doctor is a diagnosis of a rare disease. Unlike other conditions, such as cancer, support networks may be limited in number. In addition, the treatment options may be few as well. Plus, the available solutions are typically very expensive.

But the most difficult challenge is the helplessness that patients suffer. For instance, with lupus, the body basically attacks itself. Traditional medicines have focused on symptom mitigation. But what can you do when your body stands divided?

Its precisely this type of condition for which Crispr provides meaningful hope. With the companys gene-editing technology, it can potentially alter the lives of millions who suffer silently.

As with cancer, Crisprs current mechanism isnt cheap and therefore, isnt practical for all but the wealthiest patients. Again, though, advancing technologies always drive down costs. And frankly, having the foundation for such groundbreaking solutions is far better ethically than not having it whatsoever.

Therefore, I believe investors can buy into CRSP stock with a clear conscience.

Easily the most powerful yet controversial implication of the CRISPR-Cas9 technology is the development of gene drives. According to Live Science contributor Aparna Vidyasagar, gene drives are:

genetic systems, which increase the chances of a particular trait passing on from parent to offspring. Eventually, over the course of generations, the trait spreads through entire populations, according to theWyss Institute. Gene drives can aid in controlling the spread of diseases such as malaria by enhancing sterility among the disease vector

Where it gets tricky is this technologys potential to enhance or eliminate certain traits of parents to their offspring; Im talking of course about designer babies.

Obviously, this is a discussion that extends well beyond the scope of this article. However, I will say this: the possibility of improving the human condition is likely worth the risk of unintended consequences. Therefore, I remain bullish on CRSP stock despite some nuances associated with the underlying narrative.

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