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Posted: September 22, 2020 at 2:11 pm

Spider-Man might not be a superhero typically known for his sidekicks, but he's definitely had some over the years. And these deserve a comeback.

It took Spider-Man a long time to finally relent and join a superhero team. Even then, it took the combined effort of Captain America and Iron Man to convince him. Before this, he had only been in the Avengers for a paltry four issues and had flirtations with the Defenders and the Fantastic Four. Even his Avengers membership had been as a reserve member.

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That does not mean the wall-crawler was exclusively a solo act. In fact, the long-running Marvel Team-Up featured Spider-Man in almost every issue of its thirteen-year run. Spider-Man was not averse to working with others, even if he did annoy most of his partners with his awkward gags. In fact, Spider-Man has nurtured and partnered with a lot of othercharacters in his time. From teenage runaways to reformed criminals, the web-slinger has had his fair share of sidekicks.

Robert Farrell has turned up on both sides of the law in his brief appearances. As well as being an adversary and sidekick of Spider-Man, he has also assisted the Avengers and worked undercover for S.H.I.E.L.D. As a child, realizing that the odds were stacked against him as a poor, black youth from the slums, he developed a rocket-powered skateboard. He used this to commit minor robberies to pay rent and bills for his mother.

After a stint on Ryker's Island, he reformed and began to assist Spider-Man. His cool, eighties look is very current. With his background that touches on themes inherent in the BLM movement, the world needs a new Rocket Racer story.

In her short stint in comics, Jackpot has developed quite a backstory. She began as an employee at Oscorp and was exposed to experimental gene therapy. This put her in a coma for four months, after which she awoke, gave birth, and realized she had developed super strength.

She was only a superhero briefly beforequitting to raise her daughter. In a very modern twist, she then sold her identity and brand. The new Jackpot teamed up with Spider-Man until her death when the outfit returned to its original occupant. The single mother superhero narrative has been approached in comics recently, but fans would be impressed to see a story involving a working superhero motherwho doesn't have a big team behind her.

Cloak and Dagger are two of the most recognizable of Spider-Man's sidekicks. They are so iconic, they even got their own television series. Since their debut in 1982, Tyrone and Tandy have been members of the Runaways, X-Men, and also fought alongside Captain America in the Civil War. They have even fought against heavyweights such as Doctor Doom and the Beyonder.

Fans adore Cloak and Dagger most when they are fighting street-level villains alongside Spider-Man. They were last seen guarding Hong Kong against the influence of Mr. Negative. Fans eagerly await their return home to New York.

Puma is a very complex ally to Spider-Man, and deserves to be more of a partner to Spidey than a sidekick. He is of Native American descent, and fiercely loyal to his heritage. Though a man of morals and good standing, he has also clashed with the web-slinger on some occasions.

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His powers are a mix of martial arts training, technology, and Native American mysticism. As a successful businessman, it is surprising that his company, Fireheart Enterprises,never made deals with Parker industries. In a world polarized between the values of tradition and technology, fans would delight in a renewed version of the Puma.

Silver Sable has everything. She is a businesswoman, bounty hunter, a princess, and the owner of an international company. Despite lacking any actual super powers, she has access to a wealth of technology and is a fierce martial artist.

While not forgotten, Silver Sable is longoverdue a permanent comeback in the world of the wall-crawler. Her antagonistic nature and single-mindedness could either be a blessing or curse for Spider-Man. The idea of her as a private security consultant, as explored in the recent Spider-Man videogame, could see her tip the wall crawlers world upside down.

Cardiac's last appearance was during the Superior Spider-Man era when Doctor Octopus was inhabiting the body of Peter Parker. Despite friction, they decided they would still work together on medical research projects in the future. In fact, Cardiac even made Otto Octavius feel guilty about his past schemes, which is just the kind of character Cardiac is.

Elias Wirtham is a physician and owner of a biomedical research company who became Cardiac to right the wrongs ofgreedy pharmaceutical companies after the death of his brother. He is a medical Robin Hood, robbing drugs and equipment for those in need. While this can get him into trouble, his intent is always noble and he has partnered Spider-Man on many occasions.

Though he partnered with Spider-Man during the '90s, Nightwatch was anything but a good guy. In fact, in a bid to erase his former existence from history, he condemned a whole town to genocide. His motivation to be a hero was founded on the premise that they had the best retirement plans.

Nightwatch was last seen in the pages of She-Hulk, who brought him to justice using the law. Now atoning for his crimes in jail, a return from Nightwatch would finally allow him to make amends and reconcile his past sins. Who would be better equipped to help him do that than Spider-Man?

Of all the sidekicks that Spider-Man has had in his tenure, the most memorable come from a kooky TV series. Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends might not make much sense in terms of Spidey's comic book canon, but in the early '80s, this team-up cartoon was huge.

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The team formed in episode one, movinginto Aunt May's apartment with a small dog and deciding to fight crime. For a modern update, the backstory may need reworking. They did have a brief reunion inanIceman mini-series.There's no doubt that fans would relish the chance to read a retro Amazing Friends comic in the vein of X-Men '92.

The White Tiger belongs to a legacy and has been a moniker adopted by five different heroes in the history of Marvel. The first White Tiger, Hector Ayala, was the hero most affiliated with Spider-Man. Hector carried a jade amulet that would let him transform into a White Tiger. He teamed up with Spider-Man many times in the'70s until he was accused of a crime he did not commit.

Despite the best efforts of his lawyer, Matt Murdock (Daredevil), he was found guilty and later assassinated. Ava Ayala, his younger sister, was the most recent to take uphis mantle of White Tiger. Whether she still has the White Tiger amulet or another has taken up the moniker remains to be seen.

Solo is a work for hire mercenary, similar in his outlook and abilities to The Punisher. He will use lethal means to get what he wants. Though this often brings him into conflict with the web-slinger, it has also meant that they have worked side by side on many occasions.

Solo's adventures have since taken him to some wild and wonderful situations. He has worked for Deadpoolas one of the "mercs for money"and even with S.H.I.E.L.D. in the past, though he is always best when trying to tow the line alongside Spider-Man.

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