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Posted: October 18, 2020 at 4:56 am

As its cultivation partner, Pink Haze tapped Clade9 Los Angeles, the 2019 recipient of the prestigious Cannabis Business Awards for Lifetime Achievement in Cultivation. Clade9 produces some of the most sought-after genetics and indoor flower popular among cannabis connoisseurs.

Founders of Pink Haze, Patty Roe and Summer Edwards, entered the cannabis industry in 2016 through a medical cannabis delivery platform, where the majority of patients were women. Roe and Edwards felt their clients deserved a higher-quality experience, in both products and community, so they changed focus from delivery to brand development and founded Pink Haze.

"I am thrilled to launch a product that celebrates and empowers women. Pink Haze is here to offer the women we love and support a product worthy of their time, standards, and money," said Patty Roe, CEO. "We don't want people to just buy a joint, we want people to celebrate the freedom and acceptance that we now have with cannabis and feel a part of something bigger."

Pink HazeFemale-owned and led luxury cannabis brand, Pink Haze, LLC, was founded by Patty Roe, whose diverse career took her from the securities industry, to Capitol Hill, to founding a successful multi-million dollar marketing firm. In 2016, she walked away and committed her future to cannabis and empowering women.

Co-founder Summer Edwards, is a lifestyle-branding expert and international award-winning photographer. Edwards built a successful photography business in Arizona and was named one of Phoenix's top photojournalist portrait photographers. Edwards was also a roller derby legend, playing for nearly ten years.

Founded in 2017, Pink Haze has launched their first round of funding, seeking $1.5 million utilizing convertible notes. Interested investors should contact Patty Roe.

Pink Sesh SocietyUnique among any other products in the market, Pink Haze is an important part of Pink Sesh Society, which Roe and Edwards founded early in the development of Pink Haze. What began as a casual monthly gathering of diverse Southern California women celebrating cannabis, rapidly became a life changing membership organization that now boasts 20,000 organic Instagram followers and a national following.

The unique relationship between Pink Sesh and Pink Haze promises to elevate Pink Haze's popularity in the market by elevating a woman's cannabis experience through community.

Pink Haze Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepinkhaze/

Pink Sesh Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepinksesh/

Pink Sesh TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@pinksesh?lang=en

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