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Posted: September 2, 2020 at 10:59 am

Aaron Guzikowski: Ive been into science fiction for all my life, basically. My father got me into it, so its always been an obsession of mineand often just the way in terms of how I think about the world and try to think through these science fiction scenarios and try to understand the present day a little bit better. But I also have three young sons and, you know, just thinking about them and the encroachment of technology and what the future might bring: if should they ever be given the opportunity to start a new civilization, start from scratch, but they know what happened on Earth, you have all of that informationmaking that decision [of] what are you gonna take with you and what are you gonna try and leave behind? Is that even something were able to do, or are we so genetically programmed as human beings to keep falling back into these cycles? Is there some rut that we cant get out of, or is this something that we can free ourselves from and find some renewed sense of purpose?

I think a lot of sci-fi is asking exactly that right now. Ridley, how did you get involved?

Sir Ridley Scott: The script was fantastic. I was going to come in as a producer with my company [Scott Free Productions], but I was blown away by honestly the first three episodes, and I felt I didnt want to let this get away. I wanted to be involved in the casting of the characters, how it looksvery importantbecause with such a great script, you dont want it to go off the rails and become a bit more normal or the usual suspects. Really, the inspiration was the material.

Aarons spec script inspired some visual interpretations from you, which led to further shaping the series. Can you describe your collaboration?

Sir Ridley Scott: I read visuallythats the way my mind worksso when Im reading Im getting You know, the most visual medium in the world is radio, because your brain is gonna be better than any screen. And on a screen you are already focused on that and your brain is processing that, but its not thinking. I come from the generation just out of the war, [and] my mothers favorite thing to do was to sit on a Thursday night and listen to a radio show called Inner Sanctum. But she was so afraid to listen to the radio [alone], shed make my brother and I sit with her to accompany her. It would begin with a creaking door and footsteps, and a deep voice would say, Good evening friends, this is [your host Raymond Edward Johnson], the story for this evening is and hed go into a new story, and wed all be scared to death after the next hour.

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Raised by Wolves: Ridley Scott and Aaron Guzikowski Talk Parenting on a New Planet - Den of Geek

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