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Posted: February 22, 2020 at 2:46 pm

While Chris Pratt will always be the least best Chris in Hollywood, he did recently have quite the story to tell. While in Iceland shooting his latest film, The Tomorrow War, Pratt heard the story of a long-dead couple who were found completely preserved in ice. How fascinating, but also kind of creepy.

We shot on a glacier that has never before been shot on, he said during his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Heres the full story, as Pratt tells it:

The story is admittedly tragic and heartbreaking, but also strangely cool. Sci-fi/fantasy films have often toyed with the idea of cryonics, the act of freezing someone at extremely low temperatures in hopes to preserve their remains and resurrect them. And yes, this story does indeed sound like the plot of Pratts movie Passengers, which also starred Jennifer Lawrence. It wasnt exactly well-received, though, but alas.

Pratt is currently on a press tour to promote Disney and Pixars animated film, Onward, which Ive heard good things about, though its arguably no Coco. As for The Tomorrow War, the film, which is set in the future and involves the military fighting an alien invasion, wont arrive in theaters until December 25, 2020. Hopefully, Pratt wont have anymore frozen people stories to tell in the meantime.

Watch Pratt tell the whole story to Ellen DeGeneres below!

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Chris Pratt Shares the 'Crazy' Story of a Couple Found Completely Preserved in Ice - Pajiba

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