Was Stem Cell therapy behind death of 3 Solons?

Posted: June 26, 2013 at 12:45 am

Manila, Philippines --- Several congressmen have indeed undergone stem cell therapy in Germany and two of them died while serving the 15th Congress.

This was gathered from several sources as one outgoing congressman disclosed that a group of Mindanao mayors are set to depart for Europe to visit stem cell clinics in Germany.

''But virility and aesthetic enhancements are the reasons for the trip,'' said outgoing Agham Party-list Rep. Angelo Palmones in an interview yesterday.

Palmones admitted that one of the veteran solons who died during the 15th Congress was a stem cell therapy patient but whether or not the procedure contributed to his death remains unknown.

''He died of heart attack but the purpose of his stem cell treatment was to improve virility,'' said Palmones, outgoing vice chairman of the House Committee on Science and Technology.

Two others reportedly flew to Europe to seek treatment for cancer but both died.

A former broadcaster, Palmones authored House Resolution No. 1075 calling for a congressional investigation in aid of legislation on the operation of stem cell therapy clinics in malls in a bid to ensure the ''safety and security of patients.''

In a press statement the other day, the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) aired suspicions that ''three politicians'' from Mindanao may have died due to stem cell treatments from unauthorized practitioners.

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Was Stem Cell therapy behind death of 3 Solons?

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