Vatican Conference Hopes to Promote Truth on Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Posted: April 12, 2013 at 8:43 pm

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During todays first session of the Second International Vatican Adult Stem Cell Conference, scientists, doctors and patients had an opportunity to share not only the advances in adult stem cell research, but also the potential it has to transform modern day health care.

The ethical debate on the use of embryonic stem cells has, according to Dr. Robin Smith, stifled the advances made in adult stem cells, which are derived from adult tissue samples. Dr. Smith serves as president of the Stem for Life Foundation as well as CEO of NeoStem, a leading developer in cellular therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy, especially using cultivated adult stem cells , can be used to regenerate dying tissue in the body of a person suffering debilitating diseases, such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons, or Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

In November 2001, we kicked of the first Stem Cell Conference. Since then, the entire world has awakened.

By improving the clinical outcomes, we can save hundreds of millions of lives, she said. We're not talking about medications, she continued. Were talking about repairing the heart with adult stem cells. Re-inserting these cells into a damaged organ is turning back the clock. In just 17 months, we have seen stunning advancements in leukemia treatments.

The work in stem cell research has only begun to be understood. The last conference did not have panels that discussed the benefits of cellular therapy on MS and diabetes. Dr. Smith stated that in the United States, $245 billion is spent on managing diabetes, which can cause blindness, stroke and amputations which is only getting worse.

Cellular therapy has the potential to rewrite the history of this disease, she said. Adult stem cells is something we can all agree upon; they are ethically pure. We can grasp whats inside of us and introduce them into the body.

The purpose of the conference, she concluded, was meant to inspire change and to promote the truth and promise behind stem cell science. We hope to show that you no longer have to choose between science and faith.

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Vatican Conference Hopes to Promote Truth on Adult Stem Cell Therapy

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