The Alliance for the Advancement of Adult Stem Cell Therapy and Research Recently Has Proven Stem Cells To Be …

Posted: May 8, 2013 at 2:45 am

Bonita Springs, Florida (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

The Alliance for the Advancement of Stem Cell Therapy and Research monetarily supports some of the treatments provided by Intercellular Sciences. The Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting research and treatment of life altering diseases with adult stem cells.

Howie Linderman, founding board member of The Alliance, says, The Alliance is very proud to be a part of helping people obtain this breakthrough treatment. When I had my stem cell treatment in 2008, the process was much more complex. This new protocol will change the way the world views cardiac problems and we are excited to participate.

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John C. and Eddie W. have had Dilated Cardiomyopathy for many years and as time has gone on their heart muscle has continued to weaken. The deterioration of their hearts function deteriorated to the point that walking across the room was impossible without shortness of breath. Eddie had become so bad that he was restricted to a wheelchair. Modern science has not been able to stop the progression of this devastating disease. All the medications and defibrillators can do is treat the symptoms. Both men were facing a very grim prognosis. In March they each underwent a treatment using their own stem cells to regenerate the heart muscle. Within several weeks they were both feeling better and able to do much more activity than before. Eddie was out of his wheel chair. John went back to bowling.

John C. (age 62, Dickson, TN), has had Cardiomyopathy since he was a young man. First diagnosed while in college he has had to adjust his life style to adapt to his weak heart function. His doctors recommended a defibrillator a few years ago and he has been dependent on it since. His symptoms became rapidly progressive in the last couple of months. He had to stop many of his activities including cardiac rehab. It had become just too difficult for him. Johns ejection fraction (the percent of pumping of the heart) had dropped to under 10%. His doctors were not optimistic. He and his wife Karen refused to accept such a grim fate and searched for alternative treatment. They soon found an option: adult stem cell therapy. I have much more energy now, said John after his treatment. Im back to walking the perimeter of my 6 acre property and Im back at cardiac rehab. I have even started bowling again which I had stopped. Karen says that the change has been Amazing! An echocardiogram done 3 weeks after his treatment showed an increase in his ejection fraction of 50%. It is expected that his heart function will continue to improve for up to 6 months.

Eddie W. (age 41, Americus, GA) has battled heart disease for the last 14 years. He went through several years with just mild symptoms but, the last year has been devastating. His heart function deteriorated to such a degree that he has been hospitalized twice recently for severe swelling and shortness of breath. The doctors told his wife Leslie to get his affairs in order. While he was in the hospital this last time his family searched for other options. Coming across adult stem cell treatment for heart disease they took a leap of faith and made arrangements for treatment that has to be done outside the United States. Eddie was so weak that he could only get around being pushed in a wheelchair. He also had a pump attached that delivered a medication called Primacor to help his heart. Leslie had to fill the pump once a day with this life sustaining medicine. Eddie was treated in March. The treatment was a success. Within one week the pump was discontinued. Within two weeks he was getting around without the wheelchair. We hosted a church function and Eddie was able to keep up the whole time. Leslie says He could barely get out of his wheelchair before and now to be hosting a party, I cant believe it. Im so grateful. My boys have their father back. Eddies treatment was in part supported by The Alliance for The Advancement of Stem Cell Therapy and Research.

Zannos G. Grekos, MD, MAAC, FACC, chief science officer of Intercellular Sciences and a Florida-based pioneer in the field of adult stem cell therapy explains how, in this groundbreaking treatment, cardiologists insert a catheter into the patients heart similar to a heart cath. In 20 minutes, about 30 separate injections of Regenocytes (activated stem cells) are introduced into the damaged part of the heart. The process of tissue repair begins almost immediately.

The activation provides a key step in the process, Dr. Zannos Grekos explains. The lab extracts the stem cells, concentrates and activates them into over a billion of regenerative adult stem cells while educating them to assist the specific organ that needs regeneration. These cells we call Regenocytes.

Patients remain in the hospital overnight for observation, and are typically discharged the next day. Patients are scheduled for regular subsequent visits after the stem cell treatment to monitor their progress and measure their results.

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The Alliance for the Advancement of Adult Stem Cell Therapy and Research Recently Has Proven Stem Cells To Be ...

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