Stem Cell Therapy In USA

Posted: April 12, 2015 at 11:41 am

Who We Are at World Stem Cells, LLC

Advanced stem cell treatments offered by Would Stem Cells, LLC a patient management company for qualified patients at the medical facilities World Stem Cells Clinic, http://worldstemcellsclinic.comin Cancun provides an opportunity for a better quality of life. The clinic and laboratory were designed, built and are operated under the stringent guidelines as established by USFederal Regulations Title 21, Subpart C, 211-42 through 211-58,and the US Federal Drug Administrations Good Tissue Practice (cGTP)regulations for pharmaceutical, biologics and clinical laboratories. The strict adherence to these established guidelines and policies guarantees the highest quality of clinical care and stem cell treatment safety for you. Check out our clinic locations at

What Is Done

World Stem Cells Clinics medical staff and clinical physicians will examine you and review all available medical records, radiology films, CT scans and other diagnostic information to assess if stem cell therapy will be a helpful primary treatment or adjunctive therapy for your specific condition.

Then, the medical doctors meet and confer with the research scientists for a pre-treatment planning meeting. This Stem cell treatment planning conference takes advantage of decades of the staffs clinical experience, your current condition, your available social support system, full review of your medical history as well as an inclusion and consideration of any recently published research literature on stem cell treatments. In other words, you are provided a detailed, systematic and entirely unique treatment care plan for his or her needs.

Creating the best treatment

Sorry, they do not perform a one or two day treatment as it would not be medically sound and could not provide the benefits or safety that the World Stem Cells Clinic treatment schedule gives (please do not be fooled). Your Stem Cell Treatment at World Stem Cells Clinic takes 5 days to complete as the treatments are comprehensive and designed to maximize the benefits and safety you derive from the process.

How Is It Done

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Stem Cell Therapy In USA

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