Stem cell therapy –how profitable?

Posted: March 25, 2013 at 9:48 pm

By Amads Ma. Guerrero Philippine Daily Inquirer


You feel like you have entered an attractive boutique hotel in miniature; everything is neat, clean, almost spotless and sparkling.

This is the Asian Aesthetic Center in Katipunan Avenue, Quezon City (contact number: 7099565) across the Ateneo de Manila. The equipment is state-of-the-art, and there are two main wings: The Dermatology Wing and the Surgical Wing.

In the Dermatology Wing we have a Laser Room, Slimming Room, a Wellness Room and a Facial Treatment Room. The Surgical Room was what interested me mostbut only as a writer and not personally, because my cells are not dysfunctional (to my knowledge!).

Unfortunately, colleague Neilsen and I could not enter the Surgical Wing because a procedure was under way. In this wing, we were told, is a stem cell laboratory unit with the stem cell extractor and activator machines, and a recovery room, along with other amenities.

The clinic is cozy and family-run, you might say. It is headed by Dr. Amy B. Tinaza, a cosmetic surgeon and a stem cell specialist, and her partner (professional as well as personal) Dr. Jomar S. Tinaza, chief facial plastic surgeon and her husband. And the centers PR is a sister in law, Charlotte Tinaza.

The Tinaza couple head the Stem Cell Therapy Team, and there are also Medical, Surgical, Specialist and After-Care Teams.

So why did she (Dr. Amy) choose to be a stem cell specialist? Although stem cell therapy is at an early stage, I believe it is the future of medicine, she replies.

The centers stem cell therapy is the Autologous Fat Stem Cell, in which the stem cell is from the fat cells of the same patient, and transferred back to the patient once the stem cell is activated.

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Stem cell therapy –how profitable?

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