Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Part 1 – Video

Posted: March 4, 2013 at 5:45 am

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Part 1
He is a known case of Autism with history of full term caesarean section delivery and cried immediately after birth with near normal motor milestones. But as he was put in school, there were regular complaints of him being hyperactive. He was then diagnosed to have Autism. He was shifted to special school then. Neurologically, he has near normal tone, reflexes and muscle power. On examination: he has hyperactivity. He has aggressive behaviour with episodes of violence and beating others. He has repetitive speech (echolalia), but it is need based. He has social isolation. He is bowel bladder trained. He is independent in most ADL. Functionally, he needs supervision in most ADL. On FIM he scores 106. After Stem Cell Therapy 1. Angry spells are short lasting than before. Earlier, if he used to be upset for half hour at a stretch, now he calms down in 2 minutes. 2. Did not ask for toothpaste for second time which he used to do daily. 3. He does not insist on bathing 2-3 times a day like before. Now, he takes bath once a day. 4. Visits washroom once in 2-3 hours and then washes his hand normally and leaves the washroom. Earlier, he used to go to washroom every hourly and wash his hand, spill water on his clothes and arms. 5. Eye contact attention span improved. 6. Sitting tolerance improved and attends for 30 mins session. 7. Listening skills and observation skills on demand improved. 8. Screaming behavior reduces when given paper tearing activity. 9. His parents feel his ...

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Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Part 1 - Video

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