Stem Cell Research and TNG – Video

Posted: November 11, 2012 at 3:41 am

Stem Cell Research and TNG
How close is Science to providing visors for the blind? Or what about curing blindness? Have you watched the episode "The Masterpiece Society" from season 5 of TNG? Cause I have a couple of philosophical things to say about that! An article about STEM CELL therapy in regards to vision impairment: Interview with TrekMate: ***I feel like the Star Trek community is a lot bigger then what YouTube has to offer, so I #39;ve started uploading my own videos. A lot of you will find this painfully dorky -and it is- which is why constructive criticism is welcomed. For anyone who does like my posts, thank you! It would be nice to gather a little Trekkie community :)***From:ThatTrekkieGirlViews:6 1ratingsTime:06:51More inPeople Blogs

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Stem Cell Research and TNG - Video

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