Fresh cell therapy promises better health, sex and more

Posted: August 15, 2012 at 4:11 am

MANILA, Philippines Celebrity hairstylist Ricky Reyes, talent manager and host Lolit Solis, actress Lorna Tolentino and even former President Joseph Estrada are only among the prominent Filipinos who swear by the healing effects of fresh cell therapy, which involves the injection of live animal cells into the body.

Reyes, who used to suffer from a rare disease which he called reading eye epilepsy, said he went to Germany last June for fresh cell therapy.

After a number of sessions, the celebrity hairstylist can now read newspapers without suffering a seizure.

It was gone immediately, he said. Pati arthritis ko. Naalis yung sakit, tapos gaganda at babata ka pa.

Solis, 65, had fresh cell therapy after experiencing knee pain, and 75-year-old Estrada opted to undergo the procedure in Germany to keep healthy.

Before them, several other well-known figures worldwide are said to have tried fresh cell treatments, among them the late English actor Charlie Chaplin.

So how is this procedure done? Dr. Robert Janson-Muller, who runs a fresh cell therapy clinic in Germany, is in town to give Filipinos the lowdown on this decades-long treatment.

Not stem cell treatment

Before starting his lecture for members of the local media on Tuesday, Janson-Muller made it clear that fresh cell therapy is different from the now controversial stem cell treatment, which aims to replace damaged organs in the body or create one from scratch.

He stressed that his methods, which do not promise miracles, have been proven effective by his predecessors for the past 60 years.

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Fresh cell therapy promises better health, sex and more

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