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Posted: May 27, 2014 at 10:53 pm

AUTOLOGOUS Adipose Stem Cells

Stem Cell Therapy is not a new technology. As a matter of fact it has been around for more that 60 years now. The problem is most people know it as a bone marrow transplant. And well when you finish saying that people are already screaming "That's Painful". A bone marrow transplant essentially extracts stem cells from your own bone marrow and then returns them back to you. It has been used to help people suffering from conditions like Leukemia and Lymph Node Cancer.

How does it work? Stem Cells hone in on "chemokine" signals that are secreted by injury. When they arrive they alert regenerative cells to go to work and repair the damage, or grow tissue.

At birth, the human body has around 80 million active stem cells working. At age 40 we have less than 25 million active stem cells working. Therefore it takes longer for the body to heal and in some cases damage is often ignored. This is the aging or degeneration process of the body.

In 1998 a little known about Bio Tech Company discovered that there was an enormous amount of stem cells in abdominal fat, commonly referred to as Adipose fat. In fact there are about 1-2 million stem cells and regenerative cells in 1 cc of abdominal fat. Bone marrow contains less than 10% of that. The stem cells in the abdomen are in a dormant or inactive state. The challenge lay only in how to activate them.

In early 2000 the problem had been solved. A special separation process was used to isolate stem cells from abdominal fat and a perfected heliotherapy process activated the stem cells. These super-charged stem cells were now ready to go to work healing your body.

Fat Stem Cell Therapy has been used for over a decade now as therapy for a variety of medical problems as well as an alternative to painful cosmetic surgery. Fat Stem Cell Therapy can help patients suffering from medical conditions such as, Osteoarthritis, Pulmonary Disease, and Diabetes Type II, as well as some Cosmetic Procedures like Face Lifts, Breast Augmentation, and Anti-Aging.

Infinite Horizons Medical Center and its association with a leading Bio Tech company are able to deliver these high tech therapies with precision, expertise and a level of care which rivals any in the world. These painless medical procedures uses the clients' own adult stem cells to treat clients' medical problems. The procedures themselves take roughly 3.5 - 7 hours to complete.

The procedure involves extracting autologous adipose stem cells, enriching them, activating the enriched stem cells and finally returning these stem cells back into the clients' body. The procedure only requires a local anesthetic, is 100% safe, 100% effective and there is a 0% chance of rejection. For more detailed information see our procedure page.

Infinite Horizons Medical Center has put together an incredible program for clients in search of medical treatment with fat stem cell therapy for, Pulmonary Disorders, like IPF or COPD, Diabetes Type II and Osteoarthritis. It has also put together special programs with fat stem cell therapy for cosmetic procedures like Anti-Aging, Breast Augmentation and Face Lifts.

Fat Stem Cell Therapy | Medical Treatments Cosmetic Procedures

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