China medical tourism Cerebral Palsy stem cells therapy 7 clip – Video

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:10 am

18-04-2012 10:54 Many of our patients travel to Guangzhou from all over the world for medical treatment and tourism. China medical tourism can help with becoming a patient, travel arrangements and language assistance. If you want to know more about our services, please browse the web: or mail to us: Name: Antilla Lawrence Gender: Male Nationality: Hungary Age: 27 Start of treatment: 2008-08-23 Diagnosis: Stem cell treatment Treatment: Weekly stem cell injections, physical therapy, cocktail medication Days admitted to the hospital: 40 Reason for coming to treatment: Antilla suffers from limited mobility and impaired balance due to limited oxygen supply to his brain during his birth. Before coming to Guangzhou Antilla suffered constantly from stiff and rigid muscles. His balance was poor; he could not get down the stairs without catching the handrail, he could not walk very fast and his walking was bumpy and uncoordinated. He could not bend his right knee while walking and used to lean forward with his upper body, a posture which worsened his sense of balance. He used to tire quickly from walking and suffered from back aches after a relatively long walk. He suffered from painful cramps in his legs, mostly during the night. In addition, Antilla's right arm and hand had very limited movement, and since he is right handed, this had a vast effect on his daily activities. He could not straighten his right arm more than ...

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China medical tourism Cerebral Palsy stem cells therapy 7 clip - Video

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