China medical tourism Brain Injury stem cell therapy 3 clip – Video

Posted: April 20, 2012 at 11:10 am

18-04-2012 08:35 Many of our patients travel to Guangzhou from all over the world for medical treatment and tourism. China medical tourism can help with becoming a patient, travel arrangements and language assistance. If you want to know more about our services, please browse the web: or mail to us: Name: Shana Weil Gender: Feale Nationality: USA Age: 22 Start of treatment: 2008-11-24 Diagnosis: Traumatic brain injury Treatment: 4 stem cells injections via lumbar puncture and a nutritious stem cell cocktail treatment Days admitted to the hospital: 60 Reason for coming to treatment: On November 20, 2003, Shana lost control of her car and ran into a tree. The accident left her severely brain damaged. Later, Shana came out of the coma, and progressed from a vegetative state to being minimally conscious. Her parents decided to keep their daughter at home, taking care of all her daily needs and kept her on an intense physiotherapy program, but eventually realized that they had exhausted all treatment options available in the US Upon Hearing on the TV about another family that traveled to China for stem cell treatment, her parents decided to travel with their daughter to Guangzhou.

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China medical tourism Brain Injury stem cell therapy 3 clip - Video

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