Autism Improvement After Stem Cell Therapy in Mumbai India – Video

Posted: February 17, 2013 at 10:42 pm

Autism Improvement After Stem Cell Therapy in Mumbai India
He is a known case of Autism with history of full term normal delivery, cried immediately after birth. He had near normal motor milestones with delayed speech. On examination, he has poor eye contact, poor concentration, poor attention span, poor language command. He is stubborn and aggressive (decreased with rehabilitation). He goes to normal school and had good memory but poor in social communication. On ISAA scale he scores 90. On WeeFIM, he scores 77. After Stem Cell Therapy Psychology assessment: 1) His attention and concentration has improved by 25%. Previously his remedial educator would take him in a group session as he would do an activity only under a competitive spirit whereas now he can even study alone. 2) Eye contact has improved. 3) His quantity and quality of vocabulary has improved about 25%. 4) Now, he is able to form sentences of 4-5 words whereas previously his speech was bisyllables. 5) Now he is able to formulate meaningful sentences and have a meaningful conversation. 6) Now he is learning new mathematical concepts and mother and teachers feel that study wise there are real good improvements. 7) Memory has improved ie now he is able to reproduce and recollect whatever has been taught to him in the school. 8) Speech therapist mentioned that he now does not require speech therapy whereas he now requires OT and remedial education. 9) Social interaction is better ie now he can initiate and engage himself and other people into an activity or conversation ...

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Autism Improvement After Stem Cell Therapy in Mumbai India - Video

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