Animal cells for a younger you

Posted: March 1, 2015 at 12:40 pm

THE contemporary age brings a lot of new things that leave people in awe, amazement, and sometimes, in disbelief and disagreement. One thing that the more advanced technology gave birth to is the controversial Stem Cell Therapy (SCT).

According to, SCT is the replacement of damaged or diseased stem cells by injecting or infusing healthy stems into your body.

An article from also says that SCT replaces or supports ones degenerating tissues and organs. The stem cells used in this technology are capable of developing into different kinds of cells, thus, are also called master cells.

According to, the diseases that are treatable by SCT are leukemia, bone marrow diseases, inherited immune system disorders, and diseases with poorly functioning red blood cells.

SCT is also used as an anti-aging treatment. Some of the prominent Filipinos have used this therapy to maintain their youthful glow and energy.

In the Philippines, clinics offering SCT have sprouted like mushrooms due to its perceived benefits to the patients. In fact, Makati Medical Center has its Cellular Therapeutics Center, equipped with facilities from Germany, USA, and Japan.

In an article from, it was said that the center has an extensive range of services that boast the remarkable efficacy of stem cells.

Dr. Florencio Q. Lucero who started the use of adult SCT in the Philippines in 2006, was quoted in an article from saying that in the Philippines, most of the customers rich businessmen and public officials who are mostly males.

One of them is Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada. He had his SCT at a clinic in Germany called Villa Medica on April 2012. Another article from said that Estrada had 14 shots of blood from the donor animal, the unborn sheep, on his buttocks.

In the same article, Estrada was quoted saying he could sleep better, his knees are working better, and that his skin has shown its glow.

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Animal cells for a younger you

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