heart disease helped with own Adult Stem Cells and Stem …

Posted: December 25, 2014 at 3:43 pm

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Heart disease patients with clogged arteries and severe chest pain who were injected with stem cells from their own bone marrow had a small improvement in blood flow and the pumping ability of their hearts, along with an easing of pain, researchers found.

Doctors in the Netherlands drew bone marrow from the hips of heart disease patients in the study. After isolating the stem cells, they injected them back into the patients hearts and monitored their progress. The results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.(JAMA)

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FACT : To treat a range of conditions, and several thousand heart disease patients have been treated with adult stem cells, those found in mature organs. While some cardiologists originally hoped bone marrow cells might generate new heart muscle to replace damaged tissue, that hasnt been found to occur, said Warren Sherman, a cardiologist at Columbia University in New York.

The focus has shifted, said Sherman, in a telephone interview today. Cardiologists are now hoping that bone marrow stem cells can promote the growth of new blood vessels and improve the quality of life and level of chest pain patients have. The new study, in 50 heart disease patients, showed that adult stem cells can improve blood flow and ease chest pain, Sherman said. In the study, half of the heart disease patients got their own stem cells and the others got a simulated treatment. The cardiologists used a catheter, a thin wire threaded through their arteries that also carried a small camera to guide the injections. Go Review and investigate healthy heart and heart wellness stem cell options HERE

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heart disease helped with own Adult Stem Cells and Stem ...

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