Young Dad searching for gold-dust' bone marrow match

Posted: January 18, 2015 at 8:43 pm

Selfless strangers who donate their stem cells are like gold-dust, according to a young husband fighting to find a bone marrow match.

Father of two Jaso Manokaran, fell ill last October, experiencing severe pain in his bones and a fever-like temperature.

After being rushed to A&E again and again, doctors ordered a bone biopsy which revealed the 29-year-old had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

He said: I thought it was a viral infection, I didnt expect it to be cancer at all. When my consultant said I had leukaemia, I was crying like a river. I couldnt really hear what he was saying, I was so worried.

While undergoing chemotherapy, Jaso was told that he needed a bone marrow transplant but he has no siblings who could be a match and is a Sri Lankan Tamil, which means he has a 20.5 per cent chance of finding a match on the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register.

He added: It felt like a double dose of bad news. I had no idea what a transplant was, I had so many questions: How will I get it? Where will I get it? How will I find a match? I was so worried.

Now its not in my hands, I cant run around and get it myself - I need a stranger to save my life. Anyone who signs up to the register is priceless, not only to me but to everyone waiting for a transplant. These people are so selfless and special, theyre like gold-dust.

Wife Jasmini has now decided to kick start the Help Save Jaso campaign in order to recruit more people to the register - especially people from Tamil and Sri Lankan communities in the hope of finding a match for her husband.

She said: Its been a scary time for all of us but I was so inspired to get going for Jaso. I have found that many people from my community dont know how to sign up to the register and many myths around donating have come up.

Some people think its a big operation or involves lengthy surgery because of the word bone but this is not true - now the process is usually just like giving blood.

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Young Dad searching for gold-dust' bone marrow match

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