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Posted: October 15, 2020 at 6:59 pm

I am a clinical immunologist that happens to also be a stem cell scientist with 45 years of experience. The first CD34 bone marrow transplantation in 1978 was done at Roswell Park using FACS flow cytometry. We watch GvHD take hold to many leukemia patients to these brave patients trying to save their life with no way to treat them, until now with MSC (mesenchymal stem cells).

I watched many patients give their lives to science research for a chance of cures, which we had successes 40 years forward, if you get CML, CLL you have 98% of treatment or cure. CAR T and other treatments etc.

My concerns (are that) the media is presenting a perspective in vacuum of the stem cell world in California. Prop 71 put California in play and pushed embryonic research. The people of California need to protect their investment of $3.3 billion, or the industry leadership will be lost along with the clinical trials supported by CIRM. Please do not underestimate the RPE for blindness. #1 unmet medical need when the Japanese pharma Astellas bought Ocata in 2015 and put it on the shelf setting back embryonic research.

Lets look at say, Mesoblast, a Australian stem cell company and the leader in field with four studies. (They) had a setback recently of their BLA of SR aGvHD for kids under 12 years old (which is a death sentence) using MSC stem cells (approved for treatment in Japan for two years now) on the first stem cells for regenerative medicine to be approved the FDA, on Sept. 30, 2020. Mesoblast has 330 double blind studies for Covid19 treatment.

We will know before Christmas if FDA will approve these cells. MSC will be better than vaccinations, with super antigens stimulating the immune memory cells being develop by many companies and Federal government.

Two points: federal funding for embryonic research is not very well supported, and you cannot put a price tag on the patients who are willing to put their life on the line for hope and a chance.

Stay in the game California - do not be shortsighted.

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