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Posted: July 20, 2021 at 1:54 am

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On June 13, Laura Wilkinson did not qualify in her attempt to join this years U.S. Olympic Diving Team finishing inonly 10th place at the final qualifying event in Indianapolis.

But Lauras performance was so inspiring that she received a standing ovation from everyone who attended. Why? Because at age 43, Laura is now more than twice as old as she was when she won her gold medal at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney.

While it may not be surprising that she didnt qualify for this years team, the very idea that she was in shape to compete at all clearly shows how much progress weve made in not only extending longevity, but also living healthier as we age. In the last century alone, average life expectancy in the U.S. has increased from around 60 to nearly 80 years.

At this rate, it wont be long before 100 years old becomes "the new 60."

Indeed, new scientific discoveries and innovative research into health and medicine continueto reveal new insights into how the human body works and how we can delay the impact of aging many that we couldnt even imagine only a few short years ago.

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As the CEO of BioXcellerator, a leading stem-cell treatment and research center, Ive made it my mission to work with a team of talented scientists and physicians to further progress to help everyone worldwide live longer and enjoy better health.

Weve long known about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and diet. And physicians now have access to more advanced surgical procedures and new medications. But as it turns out, the secret to maintaining excellent health and vitality isnt so secretive at least at the cellular level.

You see, your body already knows how to heal itself, through a natural process based on stem cells. Youre not aware of it, of course, but all of the cells in your body neurons in your brain, cardiac cells in your heart, immune cells that circulate through your bloodand all other cells are constantly being replaced with new cells.

Yet even though each type of cell functions differently, they all begin as stem cells created in your bone marrow, then differentiated to become a specific type of cell.

As we age, however, stem-cell production declines. Thats why stem-cell therapy is such an exciting frontier in medicine today:After an infusion of millions of high-potency stem cells, your body goes right to workusingthose cells to heal damaged tissue, reduce inflammation, improve immunity, and boost vitality and performance.

Even damage from injuries sustained many years ago can be healed from an infusion of stem cells.

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Although more effective medical treatments for various diseases and disorders certainly benefits humanity, heres a better approach: Prevent disease in the first place. Yes, nutrition and exercise make a big difference, but recent studies clearly show how enhancing immunity and reducing chronic inflammation can add even more years to our lives and improve our health.

Yet, while were aware of what we eat and our level of physical activity, we dont fully appreciate the battle our immune cells fight every minute of every day 24/7. Theyre constantly on patrol throughout your body, seeking out and destroying various viruses and other microbes that threaten our health and lives. That may seem overly dramatic, but one things for sure:Without immunity, there would be no humanity. Our species couldnt exist.

Another battle that rages inside us comes in the form of inflammation. Although inflammation is the bodys natural signaling system that various tissues need repair and healing, when continued ongoing inflammation becomes chronic, it can actually cause even more serious damage throughout the entire body. Recent studies suggest that while an anti-inflammatory diet and other lifestyle choices (for example, getting enough sleep) can reduce excess inflammation, stem cells also provide anti-inflammatory benefits and boost immunity too.

At BioXcellerator, we offer stem-cell therapy to treat a wide range of diseases and injuries, but regardless of what patients get treated for, one common resultrings loud and clear:Patients report that they feel better. They have more vitality, moreenergy, enhanced cognitive function and a greater overall sense of well-being.

After all, the body doesnt know why its receiving new stem cells, so it uses those cells to both heal specific damage and better modulate the immune system and regulate inflammation.

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With even more advanced testing now available, such as whole-body and brain MRIs, genome sequencing andliquid biopsy using cell-free DNA, we can detect the onset of many serious diseases and disorders far earlier, including heart disease, cancer, and autoimmune and degenerative conditions.

Theres overwhelming evidence that many cancers and heart disease can be treated more effectively when detected at an early stage. These more accurate and precise tests also enable us to provide personalized recommendations forchanges in diet and lifestyle that can help prevent or delay the onset of many diseases and conditions altogether.

Many athletes turn to stem cells to maintain peak performance duringtheir careers, and to extend them;they also receive treatment after they retire to alleviate chronic pain from injuries suffered over many years.

No, its not so miraculous. Its all based on science. As we learn more about extending longevity, immunityand performance, Im more convinced than ever that age 100 will become the new 60.

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The Future of Health: Why Age 100 Will Soon Become 'the New 60' - Entrepreneur

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