Sis to serve as Robin's bone-marrow donor

Posted: June 29, 2012 at 7:12 am

Last April, when doctors first suspected that Good Morning America host Robin Roberts may have contracted a rare blood disease from the chemotherapy treatments she took for breast cancer, she showed up at her mothers house with a bag full of cheek swabs.

The swabs were to test her family to see if one of them could if worse came to worst be a bone-marrow donor.

Robins oldest sister, Sally-Ann, who anchors a morning show on the CBS station in New Orleans, says she and a friend made a prayer circle around the test kit.

We prayed: Please let this be a match, Sally-Ann told The Post yesterday.

Roger Wong/

MATCH: Robin Roberts sister Sally-Ann (right), a morning-show host in New Orleans, beat 1-in-4 odds to be donor.


TOUGH: Robin shows off an elastic band Tuesday that covers the intravenous port where she gets medication.

And it worked.

Sally-Ann is going to be Robins sole bone-marrow donor for a series of treatments later this year.

Sis to serve as Robin's bone-marrow donor

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