Newcastle student helps save a life through becoming a donor

Posted: March 22, 2015 at 4:44 am

A student who gave the gift of life today urged more people to become bone marrow donors.

Matthew Bowker thought nothing about donating his bone marrow when it turned out he was a match to a patient desperately in need of help.

Matthew, a second year medical student at Newcastle University, agreed to undergo the donation procedure, and has never looked back since.

He said: It was all incredibly simple and I cant speak highly enough about the staff at Anthony Nolan who supported me throughout.

Anthony Nolan is the blood cancer charity behind the worlds first bone marrow donor register.

The organisation has now signed-up to support this summers British Transplant Games, which will take place at venues across the North East between July 30 and August 2.

Matthew, 23, said: For four days in a row, I had a nurse come round and give me a simple injection and then I went to London where I was attached to a machine which then took some stem cells. And that was it.

Matthew believes more people should sign the register in order to help.

Anthony Nolan has launched the Marrow year this academic year, announcing that one in five donors are recruited at universities.

This is because the students are perfect recruitment age and in general are young, fit, healthy people.

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Newcastle student helps save a life through becoming a donor

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