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Posted: June 30, 2020 at 2:46 pm

Even though he had Covid-19, Sila Jio Boonklomjit, a five-year-old boy in Thailand, with covid-19 managed to save his sisters life. With the stem cells he donated for her bone marrow transplant.

Doctors only discovered Jio contracted the coronavirus the day before Jintanakan Jean Boonklomjit, his sisters urgent transplant.

Despite the challenges, which included quarantine restrictions placed on Jio on the eve of the transplant procedure. However the treatment was carried out successfully.

And it was done so without Jio passing the coronavirus to Jean.

While the experimental procedure first began in April, the bone marrow was only successfully transplanted on June23 at Ramathibodi Hospital.

Jeans case was believed to be the first successful stem cell transplant from a donor with active Covid-19, according to reports.

She was reported to be in a severe condition as she wasborn with thalassemia a genetic blood disorder that limits the bloods ability to carry oxygen.

There were also difficulties finding a suitable donor for Jean, which left Jio as their best hope, said Suradej Hongeng of the hospitals pediatrics department.

It was a long and uncertain road to this happy outcome, according to the doctor.

Jio and Jean were confirmed to be a genetic match in 2018. The hospital prepared for the transplantation procedure thereafter.

But with any medical procedures, there were certain complications and hurdles involved.

According to Suradej, the siblings young age were part of the difficulties faced during the procedure. Jeans chemotherapy procedure also caused her immune system to be compromised. That delayed the bone marrow transplant until this year.

Still, things turned out well in the end, and the five-year-old boy was applauded for saving his big sisters life.

Its as if my daughter is reborn and gets a new life, said the childrens father, Suchai Boonklomjit.

Jio has since recovered from Covid-19, which was believed to be transmitted from his mother, according to doctors in Thailand.

Thailands health department has reported on Monday that the Kingdom has gone 35 consecutive days without a local Covid-19 Coronavirus case. However health officials have confirmed 7 imported cases with Thai returnees.

The 7 imported covid-19 coronavirus cases brings the total number of infections in Thailand to 3,169 with 58 deaths since January. All the new cases were Thai nationals in quarantine. They recently returning from India and the US to Thailand.

There have been no local transmissions for 35 days Thailands health department said Monday.

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Five Year-old Boy with Covid-19 Saves Sisters Life in Thailand - Chiang Rai Times

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