Could we soon have man-made blood?

Posted: March 9, 2015 at 5:46 pm

Scientists at Tuft University in Massachusetts grew bone marrow on silk They were able to generate functioning platelet cells that form blood clots The cells could be used to stop bleeding in injured patients in ER rooms It has raised hopes that man-made blood can be created for transfusions However some say it could be up to 15 years before stem cells can be used to create blood that can be safely used for transfusions during surgery

By Richard Gray for MailOnline

Published: 11:46 EST, 19 February 2015 | Updated: 12:50 EST, 23 February 2015



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A major component of blood has been grown in the laboratory by scientists, bringing man-made blood transfusions a step closer.

Biomedical engineers have for the first time produced functional blood platelets - the cells that cause clots to form - from human bone marrow grown in the laboratory.

The achievement raises hopes that it will soon be possible to produce fully functional blood in a similar way.

Scientists have managed to grow fully functioning platelets like the one above surrounded by red blood cells

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Could we soon have man-made blood?

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