Bone marrow donation ends in a wedding promise

Posted: April 12, 2015 at 10:47 am

Next month Mr Brown and his wife will attend the wedding in the United States as very special guests.

He joined the Anthony Nolan register in the late 1980s when his baby son Michael - now 33 - was being treated for cancer.

A few years later, in 1991, he received a call to tell him that he was a match for a patient in the USA who was in desperate need of a transplant.

Mr Brown agreed to donate and travelled to the Harley Street Clinic in London to make the lifesaving donation.

He gave his bone marrow on the morning of May 17, 1991, and it was immediately picked up by a courier who flew over to the USA on Concorde, on a journey of more than 3,500 miles, which allowed the patient to have his transplant that evening.

Mr Brown said: It was so rewarding after making the donation, I went round with a huge smile on my face for six months.

Following the donation, the sales manager learned that his bone marrow had gone to a 44-year-old man called Rick Haines who lived in Delaware and who was suffering from aplastic anaemia.

Afterwards, Mr Haines, an engineer in the motor industry, contacted Mr Brown to thank him.

Mr Haines, now 68, explained that he had feared he would not live to see his young daughter walk down the aisle, and a deal was struck.

Donor organs from cancer patients should be transplanted despite risks

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Bone marrow donation ends in a wedding promise

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