Andrew donates bone marrow after hearing about brave boy

Posted: December 30, 2014 at 10:43 am

KINDHEARTED Andrew Gibson is giving somebody the gift of life, after being inspired by a workmates little boy.

Andrew, 29, from Southend, signed up to the bone marrow transplant register after hearing about 21-month-old Jack Kleinberg.

Jack, of St James Gardens, Westcliff, is facing the second bone marrow transplant in his short life to help him beat two life-threatening conditions.

His parents are hoping the op will fight the effects of Wiskott Aldrich syndrome and familial Mediterranean fever.

After hearing Jacks story, from Jacks mum, Vicki Parrott, a workmate at the Hood Groups Southend insurance office, Andrew donated stem cells for use by an un-named patient in need.

Andrew was disappointed to learn he wouldnt be a match for Jack, but decided to go ahead all the same and Ms Parrott is delighted her son's example is helping others in need.

She said: At the office Christmas party, I found out Andrew, who had joined the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register when Jack first got ill, was recently called up as a match. He donated his stem cells a month ago to a stranger.

I couldn't believe it. I was so emotional and hugged him loads. I dont know if well ever meet Jacks donor, so this is the closest thing weve had.

Its overwhelming to think theres someone out there whos had a second chance at life because of Jacks story. Itsmade my year.

Andrew said: There was an email going around at work, urging people to sign up to the Anthony Nolan register, as a way of showing our support for Vicki and her son Jack, who had just been diagnosed. Id never heard of Anthony Nolan before, but I didnt hesitate. Seeing Vicki at the Christmas party really made it sink in what Id done. It was an emotional moment and it was clear how much it meant to her.

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Andrew donates bone marrow after hearing about brave boy

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