BioNanomatrix Announces Issuance of Key Nanochannel Array Patent for High Throughput Macromolecular Analysis

Posted: April 5, 2010 at 8:13 am

Story Summary: Also disclosed are methods of preparing nanochannel array chips, methods of analyzing macromolecules such as entire strands of genomic DNA, and systems for implementing these methods. Dr. Han Cao, the Companys founder and chief scientific officer, said: This patent covers the fundamental method and device for isolating, imaging, and analyzing nucleic acid biopolymers confined within nanoscale fluidic channels. We are very excited about the official issuance of this key patent, which places BioNanomatrix in the forefront of this emerging field. Single molecule analysis of intact native DNA has been limited by the difficulty of linearizing and manipulating these long, complex molecules. To address these limitations, a Princeton University research team, including Dr. Cao, developed a simple approach that uses a nano-fluidic chip to untangle and guide individual molecules into an array of nanochannels. It is designed to provide ultra high-resolution analyses of macromolecules, such DNA and proteins, and their interactions more rapidly, comprehensively, and cost effectively than currently available approaches. BioNanomatrix is the worldwide exclusive licensee of the technology covered by this patent. The companys platform technology permits users to image directly and analyze very long strands of DNA in real time at the single-molecule level, at both high resolution and very high throughputs. This technology has the potential to increase the utility of whole genome imaging and analysis for a wide range of research and diagnostic applications, providing fast, comprehensive and low-cost analysis of genomic, epigenomic and proteomic information. Note: NanoAnalyzer is a registered trademark of BioNanomatrix, Inc. The names of other companies, other entities, products and/or services mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. com or Tamara Bright tbright@tiberendstrategicadvisors….Read the Full Story

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