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Experimental Treatment Could Fight Muscular Dystrophy

(HealthDay News) -- Injecting a therapeutic molecule into muscle appears to jump-start the production of a crucial protein that's missing in patients with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, British researchers report.

The treatment so far is only applicable to about 13 percent of people with the debilitating and ultimately fatal disease, but scientists are hopeful that similar molecules might expand the treatment to a wider range of patients.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy affects about one in 3,500 males, and involves a progressive wasting of muscle due to a genetic inability to produce the protein dystrophin, a key component of muscle structure. No treatments are available for the illness, and most of those affected die by age 30.

Recently, molecules called antisense oligonucleotides have shown some promise. These molecules work by "skipping over" portions of the defective gene that would otherwise block dystrophin production. Read more...

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Western medicine teams up..

This LA Times article will let you see where Integrative Medicine may be taken over by major medical centers. There are some important observations made by this Times Staff Writer that can help you differentiate for your clients what you offer them from what these centers are doing.

The concerns voiced about appearing unscientific etc. by a cancer patient here is important to appreciate. Please understand that in my view, no one is fully offering adequate Vitamin C based programs to their patients. The books written can provide your patient with scientific information that will help most begin to deal with their problem of ill health, which virtually always needs to be a multifactorial approach. They can start with Irwin Stone's Vitamin C The Healing Factor, which anyone can obtain free of charge from following the links on Wikipedia after you search on Vitamin C, to newer books like Dr Levy and Dr Hickey have written or the audiotape by Dr Riordan. Read more...

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Chinese mushroom found to have powerful anti-aging benefits

The cordyceps mushroom is back in the spotlight again, except this time for its anti-aging properties. Researchers from Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc., and LifeGen Technologies have found that Cordyceps sinensis (Cs-4), a traditional Chinese mushroom, is a powerful anti-aging food with the ability to improve energy metabolism, decrease fatigue, bolster endurance levels and lengthen lifespan.

Back in March, we covered breakthrough research on the power of cordyceps to treat cancer (,, but the new research has found even more beneficial uses for this emerging superfood. By encouraging human genes to express in ways that promote longevity, cordyceps has incredible potential in helping to reverse the negative effects of aging.

"We're making great breakthroughs in gene expression science that have application in the fields of health and longevity," explained Joe Chang, Ph.D., chief scientific officer and executive vice president of development at Nu Skin. "These studies ... help validate the critical role gene expression modulation plays in the aging process. We believe that the future of anti-aging is in developing consumer solutions that support youthful gene expression." Read more...

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Severe Low Blood Sugar Won’t Harm Brain

(HealthDay News) -- People with type 1 diabetes don't need to worry that they may have brain function problems in the future if they've had a bout or two of severe hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), a new study suggests.

Researchers found that while serious hypoglycemic episodes did sometimes occur as a result of aggressive diabetes control, those low blood sugar events didn't have any effect on cognitive function.

"Hypoglycemia did not seem to predict the advent of worsening cognitive function," said the study's lead author, Dr. Alan Jacobson, director of the behavioral and mental health research program at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.

"Of course, it goes without saying that hypoglycemia can be a serious problem," he added. "But, if you've had a more severe hypoglycemia event, at least it appears that you don't have to worry that 10 years later you may have trouble doing your job or thinking," he said.

Results of the study were published in the May 3 New England Journal of Medicine. Read more...

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Bacteria May Predict Chances of Colon Cancer

(HealthDay News) -- Researchers report that germs living in your gut could affect your risk of developing colon cancer.

The findings suggest that signs of the existence of some germs "are more frequently detected in subjects with polyps, early lesions that can develop into cancer, while other bacterial signatures are less frequently observed in such individuals," Tyler Culpepper, a University of Florida researcher, said in a news release.

Culpepper and colleagues studied 91 patients and took biopsy samples from their colons. They analyzed the bacteria in 30 people who had at least one polyp and 30 people who didn't but were of similar age and gender.

Researchers found some bacterial signatures only in those who had polyps and others only in those who didn't. Others were more common in one group or the other.

The findings suggest that future screening tests could aim to detect signs of trouble in the colon by measuring bacteria levels, Culpepper said. Read more...

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Herbs Help Treat Diabetes: Bilberry, Gymnema, Ginkgo and Salt Bush

(NaturalNews) Many herbal remedies are used to treat symptoms of diabetes and have shown results in naturally lowering blood sugar levels. Scientific research is now shedding new light on the mechanisms used since ancient times to treat diabetes with herbs and nutrition.

Diabetes was noted as far back as Ancient Greece. The name comes from two Greek words meaning the siphon and to run through, which describes the diabetic symptom of excess urine. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, where over twenty three million, almost eight percent of the population, have been diagnosed with the disorder. The number of cases of diabetes doubled from 1990 to 2005 and is expected to double again by 2050. Side effects of diabetes include kidney disease, congestive heart failure, stroke, blindness and hearing loss.

The cause of diabetes is not known but 90% of those with Type 2 diabetes are obese. Most consider that diabetes is triggered by numerous factors, including inheritance, nutrition, obesity, infection, hormonal imbalances, and stress. Read more...

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How People With Type 2 Diabetes Can Lose Weight, Keep It Off: Study

(HealthDay News) -- An intensive lifestyle change program helped people with type 2 diabetes lose weight and keep it off, a new study shows.

The program also led to improved control of blood glucose levels and reduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease, both of which are critical in preventing long-term complications caused by diabetes.

The study included 5,145 overweight or obese people, average age 58.7, with type 2 diabetes. About half were assigned to a lifestyle intervention that included diet changes and physical activity designed to achieve a 7 percent weight loss in the first year and maintain it in subsequent years.

The other participants were assigned to a diabetes education and support group that held three sessions a year to discuss diet, exercise and social support.

After four years, the participants in the lifestyle intervention group had lost an average of 6.2 percent of their body weight, compared with 0.9 percent for the diabetes support group. The lifestyle intervention group also had greater improvements in fitness, blood glucose control, blood pressure and levels of "good" HDL cholesterol. Read more...

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Colloidal silver to boost immunity and overall health

This article has some useful information but, of course, cannot openly tell their readers that this is truly valuable so they have to attack it somehow. If you are not taking ACS 200 yourself, maybe you do not believe that it has germ killing powers?

I believe that infections are part of our current health crisis! I believe that it is well proven that we have organisms in the mouth that are difficult to identify and dangerous when they make their way into the systemic circulation, which they ALWAYS manage to do. I hold my ACS 200 in the mouth at least a minute 2-3 times a day. I think that lowering my total body burden of infections is just as useful for optimizing my health as lowering my burden of other toxins, like heavy metals.

Your patients may be confused by this article so take a moment to see it lacks clarity and even contradicts itself. Read more...

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Eating meat may cause severe allergic reactions in some people

Meat allergies may be much more common than previously thought and may even induce potentially fatal anaphylaxis in some people, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Virginia and presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in New Orleans.

The researchers tested three groups of people across the U.S. Southeast with a history of recurrent anaphylaxis without known cause for an immune reaction to alpha-gal, a kind of sugar found in mammal meat.

Although most allergic reactions are caused by proteins, scientists recently discovered that alpha-gal is responsible for anaphylactic reactions to cetuximab, a cancer drug. Further studies revealed that people who experience immune responses to alpha-gal also develop allergic symptoms within three to six hours of eating mammalian meat.

Alpha-gal is not found in the flesh of bird or fish.

The researchers found that between 20 and 50 percent of participants tested positive for allergy to alpha-gal. Overall, 25 of 60 participants (42 percent) showed signs of meat allergy. Read more...

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Positive Brain Changes Seen After Body-Mind Meditation

(HealthDay News) -- Positive brain changes take hold after just 11 hours of practicing a form of meditation, the results of a new study suggest.

The study included 45 University of Oregon students who were randomly selected to be in either a study group that did integrative body-mind training (IBMT) or a control group that did relaxation training. IBMT was adapted from traditional Chinese medicine in the 1990s.

A comparison of scans taken of the students' brains before and after the training showed that those in the IBMT group had increased brain connectivity. The changes were strongest in connections involving the anterior cingulate, an area that plays a role in the regulation of emotions and behavior, Yi-Yuan Tang of Dalian University of Technology in China, University of Oregon psychologist Michael I. Posner, and colleagues found.

The boost in brain connectivity began after six hours of IBMT and became more apparent after 11 hours of practice, according to the report published in the Aug. 16-21 online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Read more...

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Hydrogen Peroxide Cures Disease

Bioweapons, Health, and the Individual
by Doc Holliday
from the Laissez Faire City Times

Ever read one of those Internet articles on biowarfare? Have you seen the TV tabloid terror shows about government incompetence/malfeasance with the handling of biological agents of horrifyingly destructive power? Did you read the Hot Zone by Richard Preston or see his article in the New Yorker this week called "The Bioengineers"?

I have seen all of the above, and I'm shocked. I am shocked at the insanity of blindly believing "national interests" are at stake and governments should "do something" to protect "the people." I am repulsed by the stupidity of immediately turning to government for solutions to problems that are in fact a consequence of the world-wide growth in nation-state power over the individual during the last three centuries. Read more...

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Molecule Discovery Might Help ALS Patients

(HealthDay News) -- Researchers have identified a molecule that can reduce symptoms and prolong the life of mice with a type of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

The molecule, called microRNA-206 (miR-206), is produced naturally by skeletal muscles in response to nerve damage caused by ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. The molecule acts as a chemical signal to guide new nerve endings and maintain their interactions with muscles.

However, this research in mice suggests that miR-206 only works for a limited period of time. As nerves continue to die because of ALS, eventually surviving nerves can no longer compensate and symptoms such as muscle weakness begin to develop.

"While miR-206 initially prompts nearby surviving nerves to send new branches to the muscles, it only delays the inevitable," study senior author Eric Olson, chairman of molecular biology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, said in a university news release. Read more...

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Secrets Your Dentist Doesn’t Want You To Know

Here are the secrets your dentist may not want you to know -- but you need to know to get the best care possible:
Secret #1: Your dentist may not be as educated as you think.

Dentistry has changed a lot since your dentist graduated from dental school. There have been major advances in most materials used in fillings, bonding and root canals. If your dentist is not actively engaged in continuing education, it is unlikely that he or she is keeping up with these developments.

Secret #2: Your dentist may not have the latest technology.

Digital x-ray: Dentists who do not have digital x-ray equipment are practicing in the dark ages. Digital x-rays use less radiation than film. They are easier to read and the ability to manipulate contrast makes diagnosis more accurate.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Ultrasonic instruments vibrate plaque and calculus off your teeth, even in areas below your gums. It is much more comfortable than old-fashioned hand scraping. Read more...

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GHC’s Dr. Ed Group joins Natural News Talk Hour

(NaturalNews) This week's NaturalNews Talk Hour features Dr. Edward Group, D.C., ND discussing "The Green Body Cleanse , Organic Detoxification at its Best". Discover how to reduce and eliminate toxins from your home, workplace and especially your body. It runs this Thursday evening at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern, and registration is FREE. Simply enter your email address in the registration form on the right column of this page and you'll receive call-in details for the broadcast.

The NaturalNews Talk Hour is a "behind the scenes", up close and personal look at the most important issues of our time. Discover what the mainstream media hasn't told you about the secrets of optimal health, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Jonathan Landsman, host of NaturalNews Talk Hour, says "Dr. Group offers the kind of information that makes it easy for us to enjoy a more rewarding, happy and healthy life. His knowledge, love and compassion are true gifts to us all. I'm honored to be able to share his talents with our listening audience." Read more...

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Brown rice and other whole grains can prevent type 2 diabetes

Natural health advocates have long advocated nutrient-dense whole grains over the bleached and processed kinds, like white rice and white bread. Brown rice, for example, is loaded with fiber, B vitamins, phytochemicals and other nutrients. Scientists are now documenting that it has specific disease-fighting properties, too. For example, NaturalNews recently reported on Temple University research that found a compound in brown rice which lowers blood pressure and may prevent heart attacks ( Now Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) investigators have discovered eating two or more servings of brown rice per week slashes the risk of type 2 diabetes.

"Rice consumption in the U.S. has dramatically increased in recent decades. We believe replacing white rice and other refined grains with whole grains, including brown rice, would help lower the risk of type 2 diabetes," Qi Sun, who headed the research while at HSPH and is now an instructor of medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, said in a statement to the media. Read more...

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McDonald’s threatened with lawsuit over toys in Happy Meals

The Los Angeles Times recently reported that the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is planning to sue fast-food giant McDonald's if the company does not comply with its demands to remove toys from "Happy Meals". CSPI claims that marketing unhealthy food with toys is contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic and should be stopped immediately.

The announcement by CSPI comes just weeks after a California county banned not only toys but all other promotions aimed at children that involve McDonald's Happy Meals. By doing this, the county believes that children will be less attracted to fatty foods that are high in salt and calories.

According to the same article, back in April, Santa Clara County, California, also banned toy promotions from fast food meals sold in unincorporated parts of the county.

Spokesmen from McDonald's denied that Happy Meals are inherently unhealthy, citing the fact that the meals are of an appropriate size and that children have the option to swap out the fries and soda for apples and juice. They also explained that giving away toys with children's meals is part of the fun of a family dining experience.

Since 2008 when apples were first introduced as an option in Happy Meals, customers have ordered them more than 100 million times, illustrating that when given healthier options, customers often choose them for their children instead. Read more...
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A not so rare but frequently disregarded Metabolic Disorder – Pyrroluria

The abbreviation KPU stands for pyrroluria, which is a frequently disregarded metabolic disorder that may cause numerous unspecific symptoms. However, it is comparatively easy to treat. In general, KPU (a.k.a. pyrroluria, malvaria, or HPU) is a genetically determined anomaly of hemal production (an aspect of blood formation) which causes increased hemal pyrrole concentrations.

Normally, this substance does not circulate freely in the blood but is bound by bile acid and excreted through the intestines. In KPU-cases, however, crypto pyrrole is increasingly excreted in the urine – unfortunately along with vitamin B6, zinc, and manganese which the body lacks due to this process.
In combination with increased stress (e.g. acute viral rhinopharyngitis, burns, injuries/accidents, intestinal infections, or psychic stress) this causes a wide range of symptoms, such as:
disturbances of memory and sleep, erratic mood swings, depression, hair loss, proneness to infections, and chapped skin. There is also a possible relation to ADHD with children and juveniles. Read more...
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Neurological and Immune Reactive Conditions Affecting Kids

Neurological and Immune Reactive Conditions Affecting Kids: The mercury connection to neurological pervasive developmental disorders(autism, schizophrenia, dyslexia, ADD,childhood depression, learning disabilities, OCD, etc.)and developmental immune conditions (eczema, asthma, and allergies)Bernard Windham- Chemical Engineer

The incidence of neurotoxic, allergic, and immune reactive conditions such as autism, schizophrenia, ADD, dyslexia, allergies, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, childhood diabetes, etc. have been increasing rapidly in recent years. A recent report by the National Research Council found that 50% of all pregnancies in the U.S. are now resulting in prenatal or postnatal mortality, significant birth defects, developmental disabilities or otherwise chronically unhealthy babies(3). Read more...

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Acupuncture May Trigger Natural Painkiller

(HealthDay News) -- The needle pricks involved in acupuncture may help relieve pain by triggering a natural painkilling chemical called adenosine, a new study has found.

The researchers also believe they can enhance acupuncture's effectiveness by coupling the process with a well-known cancer drug -- deoxycoformycin -- that maintains adenosine levels longer than usual.

"Acupuncture has been a mainstay of medical treatment in certain parts of the world for 4,000 years, but because it has not been understood completely, many people have remained skeptical," lead author Dr. Maiken Nedergaard, co-director of the Center for Translational Neuromedicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center, said in a news release. "In this work, we provide information about one physical mechanism through which acupuncture reduces pain in the body." Read more...

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Vinpocetine shows promise for chronic inflammation

Findings reported in article published online on May 6, 2010 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ( suggest that vinpocetine, a derivative of vincamine (from the periwinkle plant), could be useful for the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), arthritis, infectious diseases and cancer. Vinpocetine is a dietary supplement that has been used for many years to help prevent cerebrovascular disorders and memory loss, however, the compound's potential benefit in other disorders has not been explored.Read more...

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Sweet and Natural?

What is tagatose? I heard it mentioned as a sugar substitute, but it's a new one on me. Is it safe or just another sweetener we should avoid? And what's the latest word on the safety of Splenda?

Tagatose is a natural sweetener that is 92 percent as sweet as sugar, but has only one-third of the calories. The FDA approved its use in foods and beverages in 2001. You'll see it in packaged cereals and diet sodas, and it is also used in mouthwash, toothpaste, lipstick and in various drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter. Read more...

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Aspirin May Increase Risk of Crohn’s Disease

Aspirin May Increase Risk of Crohn's Disease

(HealthDay News) -- A new British study finds that people who take aspirin every day have a higher risk of developing Crohn's disease, a potentially devastating digestive illness.

But it's still not very likely that aspirin users will develop the condition, and the study's lead author said patients should keep in mind that aspirin lowers the risk of heart disease.

"If the link with aspirin is a true one, then only a small proportion of those who take aspirin -- approximately one in 2,000 -- may be at risk," said study author Dr. Andrew Hart, a senior lecturer in gastroenterology at University of East Anglia School of Medicine. "If aspirin has been prescribed to people with Crohn's disease or with a family history by their physician, then they should continue to take it. Aspirin has many beneficial effects and should be continued." Read more...

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Preventing Heart Disease

Preventing Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. Like most illness, it is strongly related to diet and

lifestyle and is highly preventable.

Everybody knows that cholesterol is related to heart disease, but the connection is complex. While high

cholesterol increases heart disease risk in younger people, many people who die from it have normal cholesterol, and many with high cholesterol don't get heart disease. Cholesterol can deposit on artery walls to cause blockage, but in order for this to occur, there needs to be inflammation of the artery wall and the cholesterol must be oxidized.

Lowering cholesterol may reduce coronary risk in younger people. Most doctors don't know that in people 65 and older high cholesterol is correlated with increased lifespan and that low cholesterol in the

elderly is associated with risk of death.

Doctors are increasingly relying on a group of prescription drugs called statins to lower cholesterol, but they commonly cause many side effects including muscle pain and weakness, neuropathy, impaired Read more...

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Baking soda can clean your teeth, clear your complexion

(NaturalNews) Many components of the modern western diet – meats, fish, dairy products, most grains, sugars, alcohol and caffeinated drinks (in fact, almost everything except vegetables, millet, most fruits and, as we have just seen, apple cider vinegar) – contribute to one's body becoming too acidic. This in turn can open the door to a variety of problems, some of them (including arthritic complaints) potentially serious if this acidic condition persists for many years.

This is because your body will attempt to compensate by retaining alkaline salts in the bloodstream to offset the increase of tissue acidity. Since your body can only tolerate a small imbalance in blood pH (the acid-alkali balance), it will rob alkaline components from other places – including your body's precious alkaline reserves – in an effort to restore proper pH equilibrium. This can result in heartburn, digestive distress, stomach upset, fatigue and a multitude of other symptoms. Simple, inexpensive kitchen baking soda can fix this. Read more...

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Health care reform bill dooms America to Pharma-dominated sickness and suffering

Today the medical mafia struck another devastating blow to the health and freedom of all Americans. With the support of an inarguably corrupt Congress that has simply abandoned the real needs of the American people, the sick-care industry has locked in a high-profit scheme of disease and monopoly-priced pharmaceuticals in a nation that can ill afford either one.

And this Pharma-funded betrayal, it turns out, was led by the Democrats. Passed on a 219-212 vote that was only accomplished thanks to closed-door, last-minute secret meetings among the last holdouts, this new legislation puts America under the stranglehold of the medical mafia while doing absolutely nothing to address real health care reform. There is no mention in the bill Read more...

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