Practice Management Jan-Feb 2011: Marketing Your Medical Spa

Posted: February 14, 2011 at 1:57 pm

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January - February 2011
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Marketing Your Medical Spa & Clinic


By Nancy Griffin, Contributing Editor

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, medical spas and clinics must be smart marketers to acquire and keep loyal clients.

Smart, affordable marketing strategies and tactics will allow you to accomplish your marketing goals without breaking the bank.

Here are Contento’s picks for the hottest trends in marketing:

Identifying personas instead of market segments to allow you to truly see through the eyes of your clients. Whereas market segments are defined as a group, personas are treated as individuals or “characters,” with actual personality attributes. Talk to your clients, vendors, and staff to brainstorm the characteristics of your types of clients and patients. Once you have defined your client personas, you can devise a custom marketing strategy for each one of your segments.

Sample personas:

First-time Fran: Medical Spa “virgin,” hesitant, needs support to “learn the ropes.”

Savvy Sally: Medical Spa veteran, knows the ropes, demanding, likes to develop a relationship with her
practitioner. Wants to be rewarded for her loyalty— expects to be catered to and wants results!

Commonsense Cathy: Repeat visitor but needs to learn everything about a new treatment or product before making a purchase. She is methodical and logical in all decisions. Wants an explanation of why a product works and what is in it.

Email is the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. A consistent email outreach to your network clients and “permission-based” web visitors is a must for any medical spa or clinic. “Email marketing is by far my number one strategy as far as ROI goes! It costs me very little to maintain and send out but brings in HUGE return,” says Kanna Reilly, owner of Body Solutions LASER & SKIN in Scottsdale, AZ…READ ON - Click Here to Download Full Article

Nancy Griffin

About the Author
Nancy Griffin has been a recognized health and wellness marketing expert for more than 15 years. Prior to founding and Spaexec, she completed graduate studies at Cornell University Hotel School. Her newest venture, Contento Marketing, helps spas and medical spas take advantage of new media. Griffin can be reached at

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