Paula Simpson of GliSODin Featured on Good Morning America, Health

Posted: February 14, 2011 at 1:57 pm

Glisodin Product Box

Paula Simpson, Executive Director of ISOCELL, the Makers of GliSODin Featured on Good Morning America, Health

Ways to Detoxify your Body for Optimum Health…Beauty Nutritionist, Paula Simpson, discusses traditional and conventional ways to detoxify for health. From internal cleanses, to salt therapy or charcoal to purify water.


Understanding more about SOD:

Acting as the body’s major antioxidant defense, Glisodin® is one of the most dynamic and versatile nutraceuticals.

By increasing the body’s production of SOD, Glutathion-peroxidation and Catalase, it has the capability of stimulating the body’s defense against free radicals and positively influences the immune system.

Through extensive research, Glisodin ® has been clinically tested in hospitals with positive results.

GliSODin®, the first orally effective superoxide dismutase, is the revolutionary, 100% vegetarian, result of this research.

Oxygen is the most important element for life in the animal kingdom particularly for humans. During its utilization by the human body, oxygen gives birth to very reactive forms called “free radicals”. Free radicals are destroyed by the natural defense systems named “antioxidants”.

GliSODin® is the fruit of a double innovation
• Identification of a vegetable source of SOD, which is for safety reasons, an edible plant. The objective was reached by selecting a variety of melon (Cucumus melo not genetically modified) that is naturally rich in SOD. • Developing a galenic formulation capable of protecting the SOD from the gastric degradation. This was possible thanks to the conception of a wheat protein matrix that protects the SOD activity allowing it to be assimilated by the intestinal cells.

Utilization Guide
GliSODin® can be taken either in short-term intervals or for long-term daily supplementation.
GliSODin® is not to be used by pregnant women or children under 12 years of age.
Due to the presence of wheat proteins, this product should not be used by people allergic to gluten.

About ISOCELL Laboratories
ISOCELL is one of the top laboratories in aging research particularly in the domain of oxidative stress.
ISOCELL has several international patents (Europe, USA, Japan) for aging research for innovative products that support the immune system and protect the body against external aggressions and aging at the cellular level.


Source: Isocell

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