LashDip: The Secret to Lush, Full, Dark, Long Lashes is the Hottest Trend

Posted: February 14, 2011 at 1:57 pm

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LashDip: The Secret to Lush, Full, Dark, Long Lashes is the Hottest Trend on the Beauty Scene

New York, NY – LashDip, the first revolutionary, semi-permanent professional lash coat performed exclusively in the finest spas and salons announces clinical survey findings completed by IF Marketing in Chicago, IL and Anushka Spa, Salon, Cosmedical Centre in West Palm Beach, FL.

The LashDip Management Team requisitioned two independent research surveys at two centers with a total of forty women — twenty women per center — who volunteered to have the treatment completed and who wore LashDip for six weeks. Throughout the six week process, the individual women were monitored and interviewed about their LashDip experience to ensure the treatment’s safety and efficacy.

The marketing and treatment program included a Pre-Application Survey, an Initial Reaction Survey, a Post-Refresh Treatment Survey and a Final Survey, each designed to measure the impact, safety and efficacy of the product and client satisfaction.

Key findings reflected many satisfied LashDip wearers with results that gave the treatment high accolades, including:

• 100% of women surveyed reported an increase in self-confidence
• 100% of women surveyed reported that they felt comfortable wearing less makeup with LashDip
• 100% of contact lens wearers felt more confident wearing LashDip than mascara
• 100% of lash extension wearers loved the added volume and extra mileage they got out of their lash extensions
• 93.8% of women surveyed reported that that their lashes appeared more voluminous
• There was a 45% increase reported among women who felt “highly attractive” upon waking up in the morning

Seventy percent of women surveyed reported that they never or seldomly leave home without mascara. LashDip was specially designed for this woman and perfected over a two-year period. The treatment was extensively verified throughout the process for wearability, safety and efficacy. As presented in the findings by IF Marketing and Anushka Spa, LashDip is a safe and effective solution for women who want to wake up with defined, noticeable, voluminous lashes. The treatment lasts up to six weeks and allows women to swim, shower and sweat in their mascara. LashDip adds volume, length, lift, curve and separation – like traditional mascara – but won’t smudge or wash off for weeks.

Time Savings
Women in the Anushka Spa survey were asked if they thought LashDip saved them time during their daily routine. One hundred percent agreed that LashDip was a time-saver. Forty percent of women surveyed by IF Marketing reported that they invest more than five minutes removing their eye makeup every day; that is more than thirty-five minutes per week or over two hours per month, just to remove their eye makeup. LashDip was created for anyone who wears mascara, including:

• Mothers with young children
• Executives
• Women who travel frequently
• Anyone who wants to amplify the look, or extend the wear of traditional lash extensions
• Vacationers seeking maximum convenience
• Women who don’t want to spend the time on makeup application
• Women with short, sparse lashes
• Women who want to look glamorous 24/7
• Women who struggle with applying their own mascara

No Long Term Impact
One hundred percent of survey participants felt there was no lash damage after removal of LashDip, and detailed that their lashes were in better condition due to the fact that they were not constantly applying and removing mascara. LashDip gives women attention grabbing, semi-permanent coated lashes which effortlessly empowers the wearer to do all the activities she enjoys without the same concern she had when wearing mascara such as smudging, smearing, running or wearing off.
According to the comprehensive survey of women from a varied demographic range, LashDip increases the appearance of volume and length. Most women prefer LashDip to their usual mascara brands. Amongst the most frequently noticed differences are the longevity, appearance of volume and length, deep color, and texture achieved with LashDip.

Priced at approximately $200 per treatment, LashDip works well as a lash treatment or as the ideal complement to lash growth enhancers and lash extensions. LashDip is exclusively applied by salon professionals who have completed the extensive two-day LashDip training course and are certified by LashDip, Inc. Application performed by a trained professional generally takes just under an hour – click here to see the application process:

About LashDip
LashDip is an innovative cosmetic application that is primed to modernize the mascara industry. To learn more, visit or find us on Twitter @LASHDIPPED or @LashDip. To see before and after photos:


Source: Anushka Spa

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