Goldfaden Introduces Alpine Rose Stem Cell Cream

Posted: May 8, 2011 at 3:46 pm


Goldfaden Introduces Alpine Rose Stem Cell Cream

Goldfaden, the skin care collection known for its natural approach and signature Organic Red Tea based formulations, introduces a unique new protective product for spring enhanced with stem cells from a rare Swiss Alpine Rose. The Alpine Rose Stem Cell Cream is a powerful and unique anti-aging protective cream that was carefully developed to shield skin from harmful environmental stressors, reduce aging signs (wrinkles, redness, loss of radiance), and improve the reproductive function that skin cells have.

The Alpine Rose grows at very high altitudes, which has resulted in its leaves adapting to extreme cold, dryness, and UV rays so that it can resist the harsh effects of these drastic environmental conditions. The skin protects our body from the environment; and to perform this barrier function efficiently, the epidermis is constantly renewed and repaired by the epidermal stem cells.

Environmental changes and aging impair the skin barrier leading to drier, more fragile skin and accelerated aging. Goldfaden’s new breakthrough Alpine Rose Stem Cell cream works on multiple levels to preserve the activity of epidermal stem cells and protect them from environmental stress. Coupled with repairing peptides and Goldfaden’s potent Red Tea antioxidant, this cream is the perfect solution for protection and repairs to the skin.

Key Ingredients are Alpine Rose Leaf Extract, Acetyl Dipeptide-3 & Tetrapeptide-22, 100% Hyaluronic Acid, and Organic Red Tea. The cream will retail for $75 and will be available at select boutique druggists and beauty emporiums in the skin care and natural markets.


Source: Goldfaden

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