DECLÉOR Introduces Resurfacing Gel-Peel

Posted: May 8, 2011 at 3:46 pm


DECLÉOR Introduces Resurfacing Gel-Peel

DECLÉOR is introducing a powerful and effective resurfacing gel-peel that exfoliates the skin without mechanical friction while also providing anti-aging benefits. The entire new anti-aging collection will be available in July at

The gel-peel features unique ingredients like Maca extract, a plant native to Peru that is known for its stimulating properties and essential oils of iris to encourage cell renewal.

DECLÉOR’s Anti-Aging Collection consists of Smoothing Roll’On, Resurfacing Gel-Peeling Wrinkle Lift Radiance, and Dark Spot Corrector Concentrate Face & Hands.

Through its unique experience and know-how, DECLÉOR’s group of researchers combines “science and nature” to develop ever more effective cosmetic formulae. Every innovation produced undergoes a process of dual scientific and clinical expertise to guarantee 100% tolerance and measure its effectiveness.

More than thirty years of research have resulted in the creation of a DECLÉOR aroma library. Constantly enhanced by the research work conducted on new botanical species, this unique aroma library is a source of permanent innovation. Today, no fewer than 40 essential oils are used in more than 150 formulations. Because they are so powerful, the transformation of essential oils to obtain a 100% natural cosmetic formula is extremely delicate, requiring all the technical mastery that our Laboratories have at their disposal.

When combined, Essential Oils work in synergy to naturally create new properties. This discovery lies at the heart of our AROMESSENCE™ products and is also the basis for all of the creams, balms, and lotions in our various ranges.



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