ATnT Wellness May – June 2011: Environmental Medicine

Posted: May 8, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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Environmental Medicine


By Emily Stocker, Contributing Editor

We are reminded of environmental hazards on a daily basis. We are warned of air pollution, mold, pollutants in our water, radiation, over exposure to the sun, greenhouse effect, and acid rain. Is our only option to hide indoors, away from the environmental pollutants causing cancer and other non-curable diseases?

Indoors we have low levels of radiation from our microwaves and computer terminals, indoor air pollutants black mold, radon seeping into our homes, dangerous additives in the food we consume, the beauty products we use, and the agents we use to clean. We are exposed to harmful environmental agents at home, work, school, and our play environments. Exposures to these articles may adversely affect one or more organ systems; and these effects are not commonly recognized by physicians, let alone society as a whole. What we eat, and the elements that we are exposed to in our environment, have a direct affect upon our health.

Understanding the health risks posed by contaminants in both one’s home and workplace, along with the ambient environment, is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Environmental Medicine addresses just this. Its concern is the interaction between mankind and the environment, specifically, the adverse reactions we experience when exposed to environmental sources. This approach is somewhat of a reinterpretation of medical thinking, especially in its approach to previously ineffective treatment of chronic diseases, along with the explanation of their cause. Although it is considered a reinterpretation, the basis for the concept is simple. There are causes for…READ ON - Download Full Article NOW!

Emily Stocker

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